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Monday, June 13, 2011

RIP Seth Putnam. May 15, 1968 – June 11, 2011

Seth Putnam was a sick fuck, freak, loser, and my idol.

Everyone who knows me personally knew that his band AxCx was one of my all time favorites. In fact they were the band that made me love the genre of Grindcore. C'mon lets face it. Grindcore is the WORST genre ever, and he made it even worse! That's how badass the man was. Who would ever have thought his music (ha!) career would have gone this long?! His band's name is super offensive, you make 10 second noise, all you sing about is rape, child abuse, drugs,and homosexuals. The band made 11 albums from 1988-2011. Seth even did some back screams on Panetera's album "The Great Southern Trendkill".

I listened to some of AxCx songs so I decided to buy one of the Cd's, "It just gets Worse." Right away I was blown away. The songs were short as fuck and the song and lyrics were offensive to the max. Songs like "Freddy Mercury got AIDS from Eazy E" and "Pepe The Gay Waiter" made me love this band. The two things I fuckin' loved started to merge together. Shock Rock offensive lyrics like those of GG Allin and The Mentors with fast noise like The Locust and Napalm Death (only bands I knew at the time.) I was hooked on this band and told people how much they kicked ass. No one seemed to like them.

I continued to look for their music and find out more about the ingenious that is Seth Putnam. After never finding another Cd (only 1) and no merch whatever, I just stole their music and loved it. The way Seth would want it.

Fast forward almost 2 years. I found out that they were gonna tour. They hadn't been in LA in 3 years and I was super excited. When I found out that they were gonna be in my local Grind bar I felt like a kid in a candy store. When I woke up that morning I was just thinkin' "Holy shit im gonna see Seth and AxCx!". I knew it was a risky thing though... Either Seth would be nice to me or just kick my ass right there. He's vicious like that. When he walked into the bar I was so excited. I felt like I was meeting Mickey Mouse when I was 4. We made eye contact 'cause he saw my Siege shirt (a band he was in for a bit). I asked him for a picture and tho he was so messed up on drugs....he picked himself up to take a pic with me. He had to sit down the whole show. I fuckin loved every second of it. I left with a T-Shirt and a big smile. I couldn't wait for him to come back. Sadly I will never get that chance now. Some Grind bands were happy that Seth had died. Those assholes were being homos in their daddy's sack while Seth was on stage hitting girls. They don't wanna admit they inspired them. This man survived a coma,I never thought he would leave so soon. I'm so glad I met him and saw AxCx live. He was my hero,he is my hero. Seth Putnam RIP you asshole of a legend.

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