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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Media Blitz-Pepz Pizza, La Habra CA 6/10/11

Now this show was fun! Hardcore, free shit, pizza,what else could I ask for?!? Me and my girlfriend got their kinda early so we walked around the area. I found a badass thrift shop. I bought a Graf Orlock shirt with a Wookie on it for $2. Grindcore + Star Wars = Badasss.  After that we went to Big Lots and stole KISS buttons. We get to the show and theres those hardcore kids with their drug free patches waiting as well. They finally let all us kids in and everyone orders a pizza. The pizza was ok for being cheap but I had the runs after. But I still respect this place for throwing hxc shows for free. As they set up the little stage I was on my 4th soda refill.

 First band was called The Shrills. They looked like Morrissey fans and the guitar player had a skull mask on. They played fast weird music. Not hardcore. Imagine The Cramps in full blast. I give this band major credit for being unique. The kids loved 'em and so did I. My girlfriend was surprised I liked 'em,but they were good.

Up next was a band called A Dying Breed. All the members of this band were in the pit for The Shrills, so when these guys played The Shrills were moshing for them. Kids were dancing for them and they did a great Adolescents cover. Great to see kids play real hardcore punk rock. These guys will go places.

After them I had to take the biggest shit ever. Holy crap was there a line. The guy in front of me had explosive diarrhea he got from the pizza (like me!). While he was on the crapper we talked how that pizza made us fart like crazy. The 3rd band was setting up and I was pissed 'cause I thought I was gonna miss the whole damn set. After I finished I noticed that the guy who was farting 5 seconds ago on the toilet next to me was the singer for this great band, Concussion. These guys ruled and the singer was white, bald, pissed, full of rage! Holy sheeeet he reminded me of the '80s punk scene! People went crazy for 'em and they were so good. After the whole show he and I talked again about the pizza. Nice guy, great band. I'll be seeing them again on Saturday.

This was a record release party for Media Blitz. This band has been going strong since '05 and they ain't stopping. They started playing and kids were moshing harder and other kids were even jumping off arcade (video game) machines. The singer was interacting with everyone and screaming tough. The guitar player was super nice and was talking to me when I was shitting. They ended with a Beastie Boys cover of "You Gotta Fight for your Right to Party" and the whole crowd jumped on him and he crawled out that huge mess like an old cartoon. They fuckin' ruled. I will be seeing Media Blitz and Concussion this Saturday with bad ass hardcore legends DOA, JFA, Ill Repute,etc.

Check out these 4 bands now.

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