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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lack Of Interest-The Blvd,Boyal Heights CA- 6/35/11

Now if you have been reading my last blogs,I've told you not only 2 reviews already about Lack Of Interest but of their mascot,Grandpa Of Interest. He's the drummers grandfather and he's on their t-shirts and goes to all their shows. He is a very nice old man who I always greet at shows. This dude always wears band shirts of Grind/Death/Powerviolence bands. Today they were throwing a show for his 84th Birthday. To everyone he is the grandfather of all the Grind/Powerviolence/HxC scene so of coarse I went to celebrate our Grind-pa. You guys know how I think its lame to go to shows,miss all the unknown bands and just go for the main ones. I sadly did this today because Mexico beat USA in football(soccer like you monkeys call it) and since the show is in East La area...there was a bunch of cops closing streets and Mexicans goings nuts with their flags. Mexican fans being happy is cool. Cops shutting off main streets is not. So I missed the 3 opening bands and one of them(Fetus Eaters) I really love.

I made it in time for Retox. I told you guys in February how much I love the lead singer,Justin Pearson(JP) because he's in 20 bands and they ALL kick ass. The Locust being his main bad ass band. Tho he's an anti-musical genius,he's real cocky. Last time I tried to talk to him(well kinda) but I didn't really wanna bother this time. Another thing about last time,they had barley started playing(4th show maybe) so they didn't have much songs. This time they still brought their insane live tactics and more songs. The crowd was full of hipsters and everyone was into them. JP was screaming off the tiny stage and kids were just dancing along. They did a great set again. After I told I told JP good job and he just said Thanks and walked away. First Album "Ugly Animals" is coming soon. Ill for sure check it out. Don't get me wrong guys,Retox fucking rules.
 Lack was hitting the stage. This being my 4th time seeing these guys was excited for them. They're nobody will ever get tired of seeing. But while they were setting up,2 girls(singers of Eat The Living and Bastard Noise) passed out cupcakes,kazoos,and party hats. All which had Grandpa's face on it. We sang happy birthday and he seemed really happy.Throughout the whole day I was telling him Happy Birthday and how much he ruled. All the hipsters left after Retox(LAME!) so for the time I was able to get upfront with Lack Of Interest. As always they start with Never Back Down. Everyone sang,jumped and moshed around. Lack Of Interest is a legendary Powerviolence band but refuses to headline. After the fast and great set I took a pic with Grandpa Of Interest. We were both happy in the picture.

 Up next was Bastard Noise. I only stayed for 2 songs,but The drummer passed out Pillsbury Hardcore stickers! Right now as I'm typing this I left a comment on facebook asking the Singer of Bastard Noise if there will be a Reunion. Sadly not(and he thought they sucked). Bastard Noise started and for 2 songs,they were badass. Check em out and also check out the singers past legendary bands,Man Is The Bastard and Pillsbury Hardcore. I really enjoyed this time tho I left early.

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