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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Agent Steel-House Of Blues,Hollywood CA 6/7/11

Ugh! Let me try this again... Im really getting sick of Thrash/Metal shows so this might be the last one for a while. I mainly went to this because it was free. As is my style, I arrived super late. Currently, I have no Internet so I apologize for the lag.

Evildead played this for free two months ago,and because its the same guitar player...He allowed his legendary speed metal band Agent Steel to play. They hardly ever perform, so it was cool that they were playing, let alone for free.

The first band I saw was an East LA death metal band called Dia De Los Meutros. Imagine Brujeria in Spanish form. The crowd seemed to be into 'em and so was I. People really dug 'em and the chick singing was great. They just released their new album for free download. I suggest you check it out.

Next up was speed metal legend Agent Steel. They recently got a new singer and he did a great job. They played all their classics but the the bouncers were being dicks. Kids were flying every where and security was pushing them off, making shit worse. The band however played most of their greats and they were REALLY into it. I'd recommend 'em to you metal heads with their first album, Skeptics Apocalypse. Sorry cant tell you much more,except they were cool.

Agent Steel

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