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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rammstein-Jimmy Kimmel Live,Hollywood CA-5/20/11

 Rammstein for those who do not know,are of of the biggest bands in the world. They're probably the biggest metal band in Germany, Yep as big as Metallica is here. So these gentlemen haven't been here in 8 years to the USA and quite frankly I was really saddened by not having enough mula to seem em. Thank Satan for Jimmy Kimmel. Thanks to his Late night TV show Ive seen Slayer,Ozzy.and Primus preform 5 songs for free. I dont know about you guys but 5 free songs sure beat $100 for 25 songs. Any who I got a text last week Rammstein was gonna play so of coarse I made my brother in law pass me his laptop right then n there.
We get there early. Like the past Jimmy shows ive been to,they check,let you in and let you watch the show. This time they lagged it sick. I climbed the fence to see what the fuss was about. They were too busy setting up the pyro. Yes. It was insane! After almost 3 hours of making fun of tourist in buses takin pictures of us we finally got in.Right away they started with Du Hast and the singer got a bow n arrow thing that shot fire works and thirled it around. There was a lot of fire and people were pushing and screaming the lyrics with them since we've all been waiting years to do this. Then they played Feuer Frei! which had a lot of fireworks. They played an extra 3 songs which was badass. I so hope I get to see these guy in a full show next year. They are most likely throw the best show performance in rock n roll.
Du Hast
Feuer Frei
Keine Lust
Ich Will

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