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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From Ashes Rise-The Roxy,Hollywood CA,-4/10/11

  FINALLLY! Scion shows have returned to LA! And as always Chicago gets there's as well. They usually get the same line up but instead this time they got MAGRUDERGRIND (one of my favorite Grind bands) to headline. Ahh that sucks ass. Magrudergrind did a headlining show for both us in Spetemeber but I failed to get in. Nothing against From Ashes Rise,but Magrudergrind is just that badass. Whatever,free shows are free shows.

         Noisear was first. This was the band I was most excited to see. They're a grind band from New Mexico. I believe they got a new singer and if that's so,hes prefect for the band. He was so into the music he jumped off stage,hit my eye,and ran around. They did an amazing job. My only complaint is that the set was way too short and they hardly play here in L.A. Listen to their album Subvert The Dominant Paradigm

  Up next was Hardcore/Powerviolence band from Boston. Now ya know this is gonna be tough. They started playing and kids were already jumping and stage diving. At first security kicked them out,but after there was so many they didn't even bother. Hardcore kids were trying to sing along and the pit went from moshing to HXC dancing. They did a great job and possibly the best that afternoon. Once again,like the last couple scion shows,most people left after the 2nd band. The singer and both Bass played jumped off the stage. Security tried to get the bass player and kick him out since he thought he was a kid. Bass played walked back on stage pissed and flipped him off. Singer reminded me of a young Henry Rollins. Glacial Reign is the album to listen to.

  All the Crustys were getting pumped up to see From Ashes Rise next. Note this is my 2nd time seeing them for free but last time I didn't pay to much attention to them cause I couldn't get upfront. This Crust/D-Beat/Hardcore band from Tennessee has a huge following. And most kids were pumped and singing along to this band. I thought they did a great job. Listen to their Discogrpahy cd and see them live. The broke up once and luckily their back. You will like them.

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