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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Evildead-House Of Blues,Hollywood CA-4/19/11

  First off im pissed cause I was suppose to go see Rebecca Black before this show. Yes im serious ya jerks. The whole tour eneded up being a fake so me and buds were sad and had to go this. However,I now declare this Bruce Campbell week! Saturday I saw the Grind band BruceXCampbell then on the USA network he premiered his Made for TV movie: Burn Notice:The Fall Of Sam Axe(great movie,im gonna start watching the show) and now I see band named after the movie that made us all love him, Evildead. Groovy.
  Well my friends kept changing thier mind back n forth if we were going to go or not. All day I was getting call saying "yeah foo im down" and "fuuuuh idk man!". Last minute we jammed. Thankfully I missed the first band. I didnt feel like watching a hard rock act. Then I missed most of the band Dyer,who Ive seen play with Exodus before,who are patriotic as fuck,which is lame as fuck in my book. So this Power Metal band went up. Right away we see some bald guy with a big ass coat,sunglasses,limp wrist,and high voice comes out. Him and his 2 guitar and bass players do a side to side dance. Judas Priest rip off? I think so very much. But,they ddi impress me. They sang about Dragons and killin the devil and stuff which was cool.  My friend whos a huge Power Metal fan really digged them. I was tapping my foot. I was really impressed. My only complaint is that they played longer than Evildead. Not Cool! Check em out if your a fan of Dio,Manowar,King Diamond,and just a power metal nerd all together.

  Now im glad I got to see LA's very own Thrash legends once again. Last year when I saw em they played at 2:30am,I was pooped(all day fest),and some guy dressed as an Aztec kicked my nose really hard and I was all dazed. And since them ive listen to them,they've  become one of my favorite metal bands. They reunited last year over 20 years with the original line up with the exception of the singer. New guy does a REALLLY great job and hes the perfect man for the job. This show happen to be free. They were giving tickets away like nothing,which was great since I missed em two months ago. I made my way upfront and the band came out. Great fuckin performance. They didn't play my favorite song this time but still managed to blow me away. If your a fan of Exodus,Anthrax,and DRI check out ED's albums Annihilation Of Civilization(should include Rise Above EP which has a great Black Flag cover) and The Underworld. Please go see em if they come near you. For being Thrash legends,they're underrated. Bruce wouldnt like em but Evil Ash would love them.

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