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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scion Rock Fest-The Glasshouse/Some random tent-Pamona CA 3/5/11

  God damn I have no idea were to start. Im still sore as fuck. This is my first Festival review so I obvious couldn't see all the bands listed. Bands I didnt see that I recommend you do are Morbid Angel,Obituary,Atheist(Death metal legends,bummed I missed all 3),and Integrity(seen em) and Crom(awww!). So me and my buds got there. As you know I love my local bands so I saw and talked  to Big Mike of DxAxFx and RF7,Marty of SMD(free stickers!),Sergio of one of my favorite bands ACxDC,Cynthia of Despise You,Moose from Scythe,Konan of Exmortus,and Alladin the original singer of Bonded By Blood.

    First band that played and probably the 2nd most band I wanted to see was Wormrot. This band is a 3 piece for Singapore. I wanted to see em the day before but I had no cash. Ive been a huge fan of these guys for a while and seeing them live made me love love them a million times more. Before they started I saw the guitar n drummer hanging out. I told them how much I love them and they were happy. I got a shirt right away. They started and People went nuts. Tho they were the first band  to play at the tent,they were the band most people wanted to see there. They started and I went nuts. I kept screaming the whole time and headbanging and dancing stupidly. The singer told people to buy merch then I yelled "I alredy did!" and he pointed at me and said "Fuck yeah!"
I recommend everyone to see them. I know people who arnt even into grindcore and they became a fan of this band.  The album "Abuse" is one of the best Grind albums of all time in my book.
  Up next was another of my favorite Grind bands;Fuck the Facts. Now get this. Last time I saw them was in July I believe. The singer Mel was like 5 months pregnant and sang her ass off. Never have I been so amaze by a singers performance. They were setting up I yelled at guitar player Topon Dos and thanked him for the free dvd I won in their contest :). They started off and they did a really good job this time. Topon told me their last show sucked ass. Im guessing cause not many people were there and since she was about to pop. They played sooo much better today and im glad they've been doing this for 10 years already. I suggest you see them when you can. Listen to the albums:Mullet Fever,Back Stabber Etiquette,and Disgorge Mexico(album and dvd).
  So back in January I saw Brutal Truth one of my all time favorite bands. I had recently found out that singer Kevin Sharp has a new band called Primate with the guitar player of Mastodon. Right away I excited for this since I knew they were playing this fest. They barley started doing everything but they just released their EP that I have to listen to as well. Barefoot Kevin once again made my hair rise and I was swingin my head all over the place and singing a long to their Black flag cover of Drinking & Driving. I'm a  huge fan of Kevin Sharp. And he was really nice enough to take a pic with me.
March of the Curmudgeion
Social Seizure
Global Division
Silence in Violence
Wasted Youth
Draw Back a Stump
Drinking and Driving (Black Flag)
Street Fight
Get the Fuck Off my Lawn

  After Primate I tried to go in line for Atheist. Yeahh it was bigger than a donkey dick so that wasn't gonna happen. Good thing I had a back up plan in case: Go back to the Grind tent and watch Nails since I seem to miss them every single time. This could've been my 3rd time seeing them for free too! But I ditched in the summer cause another band was playing(bad choice) and I couldn't get inside for the scion show :(. Plus I missed the Ceremony show last week. Anywho,I finally saw em. Of coarse the fan base was huge and the Grind tent ive been in all day got kinda crowded. I lost my spot upfront but fuck it. They did a great job and did almost everything of their Unsilent Death EP. If your into Crusty hxc this bands for you. Ill be doing more reviews for these guys soon.

  After we went go get grub at Grill 'Em All(look it up) and pee brakes. Me and my two Grind buddies were tired as fuck. No one else was playing so I saw Black Breath again for the 3rd(free) time. As always the satanic hardcore band was great but 2 fights broke out and someone threw a stink bomb. After being at the Grind tent all day it time to leave it. Black Breath never disappoints.

      I had to make a drastic move. I really didn't wanna miss Municipal Waste  but I wanted to see Obituary. And after the line I saw for Atheist I didn't wanna risk it. So I sadly ditched Obituary for Thrash legends Death Angel. I saw em last year and they put on a really good show.  I went upstairs to see them with my other pal cause we both wanted save our energy for the Waste! Overall Death Angel did a great job and I recommend them seeing them live if you have a chance. They are a big deal and all.

I Chose the Sky
Evil Priest
Buried Alive
Mistress of Pain
Claws In So Deep
Seemingly Endless Time
River of Rapture
This Hate
Thrown to the Wolves

 Finally I get down stairs and all my main buddys i was wit all day meet up. Unfortunately my buddy who went to Obituary came in like nothing. So that sucked. Waste was setting up. Twice that day I ran into Bass player Landphil(also of Cannabis Corpse). I hugged him and asked  if there would ever a be a Waste/Cannabis Corpse/No Friends show. He laughed and didn't answer me when i asked if he was high. Guitar player Ryan Waste was fixing his Mic stand. People were yelling MW stuff to him but I yelled "VULTURE!". He looked for me then gave me a sticker. I yelled at drummer for a Black Army Jacket reunion. He smiled. Waste started place went nuts. Coming in the Roseanne theme song made it more brutal. I was screaming and singing along. The crowed was lame. No one tried to pick me up and some girl started punching me cause I accidentally grabbed her hair. Guess the was a lot of peoples first thrash show. Throwing beer at the audience and staring wall of deaths are one of the many reason EVERYONE need to see The Waste. All I can say about it is FUCK! WHAT A RUSHHHHH!
Hazardous Mutation Intro/Blood Drive
Accelerated Vision
Mind Eraser
Divine Blasphemer
Headbanger Facerip
Thrashin' of the Christ
Wolves of Chernobyl
Beer Pressure
Black Ice/I Wanna Kill The President
Wrong Answer
Acid Sentence
Terror Shark
Drunk as Shit
Sweet Attack
Nailed Casket
Sadistic Magician
Unleash The Bastards
Born To Party
Pre Game/The Art of Partying
 Last band of the night was a British Industrial Black Metal Grind band called Anaal Nathrakh. They NEVER come to America so I had to check em out. I was wayyy too pooped to enjoy them. Still they did a great job and I recommend people to check em out.
Overall I had so much fun. This is a show ill never forget. Scion rules.

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