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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Panties/D.I.S.-The Blvd,Boyal Heights,CA 2/5/11

  First things first. I didnt finish my planned Grindviolence weekend last time due to losing my glaases,being a dick at knotts,and the show itself being sold out. Ahhh well I made i up going to this $5,all ages, Crust/Grind/etc show. I love The Blvd.

       First band was "A Putasos!". Thats a nice name. They were a 3 piece band that ive heard have trouble getting a steady line up. They were really sloppy,they kept messing up,and the snare fell off like 3 times. In my expierance opening a show to only 5 people I knew what these guys felt. Im pretty sure they had  bad night and that they could do better. Vocals coulda been louder. I would like to check these guys out again. At the end the singer said,"Thanks to you who stayted,the 6 of you". I think there was around 12 people in the beginning. I respect em.

  Up was Temple Of Dagon. I saw these dudes a year ago with Cannabis Corpse. Tho at the time I wasnt into Crust these guys were badass. Think Doom if they read a bunch of HP Love Craft stuff. Yes,these guys are HP LoveCrust and are awesome. I was gladly showing support with my T-shirt. They played thier whole EP;"Book Of Azathoth" and three new songs. Frontman who calls himself  "Mr.Red" kept cracking jokes and being fun. He has a habit of going into the crowed to sing. I recomend getting their EP and seeing them live. I finally got a patch too. How badass are they? They want you to download thier ep for free. FREE!

  With a band name like "Eat The Living",I was sure it'd be interesting. Not as good as I thought. They were too good. A very attractive women was the singer. GODAMNMNNNN! Nothing sexier than a sexy women singing grindcore. This deathgrind band had the whole bigger audiance(mainly other bands playing) all  excited. The vocals sounded a lot like Romatic Gorrlia and the music its self was not sure but it was sick. I higly recomend checking this band out for obvious reasons. Im probally gonna try to see them again.

  Meth Leppard was getting ready. As you may know im not a fan of stoner/doom metal. But these guys proved me wrong. 3 guitar players,a fast drummer,sexy bass,and the singer was a crazy guy who looked like El Duce and Buzz Lightyear mixed with crack. They were a good mixture of everything from stoner,thrash,punk,rock n roll, all mixed up. They had a drunk fanbase who seemed to love them. They made me headbang pretty hard which I wasnt expecting. I belive they have an album out so Im gonna have to check that out.  A really fun band. Im gonna have to check out their stuff now.

 The band I was most curious to see was Destroyed In Seconds or D.I.S. Yep they play D-beat but with crust. Ive never seen GG Allin or GISM live but I kind of felt that by their front man. The music was loud and distorted like D-Beat should be. The singer right away broke his microphone and threw piece of it to the audiance. He was about to throw the mic stand at me but some guy caught it. I was pretty scared. Music was fuckin sick and the singer being the madman he was had great stage presence and the guitar player kept going toward the audiance. This band consits of memebers of Phobia,Exumed,No warning etc. If you wanna see badass D-Beat Crust at its best see them and check out thier album "Critical Failure"
     This was Panties record Relese show. All the crusties left and a bunch of cholos walked in. They were fast grind punk metal with a femal bassit. The drumset had panties on em and people kept throwing them around. For not knowing ANYTHING about them they blew me away. New album is out now so we should all check that out. The singer kept starting a pit and the crowed was intence for these guys. I had to leave early so I cant tell you how it ended. But always suppourt your local Crusty grindviolence bands;especially if its $5.

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