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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trap Them-The Roxy Hollywood,CA 1/9/11

  So every month now Scion(car brand) host free metal shows. Yes people that does kick major ass when ive seen Municipal Waste,Skeeltonwitch,Death Angel, and Arsis. But most recently they've been doing Hardcore/Grind shows. Which is cool since ive see Fuck the Facts,Iron Age,Integrity,Ceremony,Pulling Teeth,etc all for $0.00

   Most people are useally stunned when I tell em I dont like Sludge Metal. I dont. Mammoth Grinder totally shocked me. They take sludge to a whole other level. If anything they sounded really Crust/Grind. The trio was really into it and they put a Negative Approach cover into the set. Now thats badass. The band reminded me a lot of Terrorizer. A great way to start a free show.
 Now we have Black Breath. Named after a Repulsion song you know theyre gonna be kickass. More kickass then I expected when I saw them during the summer,also with Trap Them(also free). They mix hardcore with Crust with Black Metal influences. The band is just badass genre rolled up. The singer who I met was a very nice guy who lived interactiong with the crowed. This is a band I recommend to everyone weather if its to buy their music or catch them live.

     There's very few bands in you see live that change your life. Well in 09 it was my first scion show. The show was super important to me since it was my first Metal show with Muncipal Waste. I can go on and on about them but the opening band was Trap Them. I had no idea what Grindcore was back in the day. They were the first Grind band I saw live so because of them they started my love for Grindcore and beyond. This band Changed my Life. Seeing them the 2nd time in the summer was just as great. But today they were insane. Kyle the lead singer is this total genious and should(and probally will) go down in history. They started quick and ended with a bam. Third time seeing them for free and each time just makes me love them more and more. I staged dvived cause I had the rush they gave me two years again. This band is a must see.

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