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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paul Di'Anno-Key cLub,Hollywood CA 1/5/11

           The original voice for Iron Fuckin' Maiden. I cant stand those stupid die hard Maiden fans that talk pure shit about him. My friend was doing that and it was really annoying. This man sang on the first two(and best) Maiden Albums. With a doubt the band wouldnt be successful as it is today with out the boost this man gave to them. Id rather pay 20 bux than 100 to see Maiden play new songs I dont care about then the orginal man to play the classics. Luckily for me my friend bought a pass to the crappy club which lets you in for 6 months + 1 friend. Still $6 extra if your under 21. Bullshit

    This place has bad time getting opening bands. So last minute they got two. When I was takin a piss I thought i saw Paul and freaked out like a little girl, It wasn't him. But the singer to the first band,The Disowned. Never judge a book by its cover. Guitar player looked like he was in a My Chemical Romance cover band,singer looked like those tough bro guys at Hatebreed shows. They played pretty good metal influenced punk rock. And Black Flags"Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie". I respect them.

    Next was some boring Pearl Jam wannabes named Arson Pedistiran, The whole place was bored as fuck. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Icarus Witch was up. Theyre a pretty well knwon Trad. Metal band. They are also known for being Di'Annos back up band here in USA and Canada. I have one of thier albums. Pretty good. Most recently they got a new singer. Great stage presence and and good attitude. Perfect for the band. They played a good while and they did a great job. Perfect for being his back up band.

Now the time I was waitng for. The man who made me love metal. The man who made me headbang like crazy. My role model the sexy Paul Di'Anno

Ok,he dont look like that anymore. But he loves to joke about that. But he still is the badass mother fucker he is. The plan for tonight was to play the frist Iron Maiden album in its entirty and he did. With select tracts from Killers and his solo stuff. I went to nuts during KillersPhantom Of The Opera. Di'Anno kept making jokes and of corse mention Maiden. But cmon who cares if he talks shit,drama makes the world go round.
                                                 Set Lists:
                                                  Idles Or March
                                                  Marshal Joklaw
                                                  Murders In The Rue Morgue
                                                  Strange World
                                                  The Beast Arisies
                                                  Children Of Madness
                                                  Genghis Ghan
                                                  Remember Tomorrow
                                                  Faith Healer
                                                  A Song For You
                                                  Charlotte The Harlot
                                                  Phantom Of The Opera
                                                  Running Free(with IW singer)

                                                   Highway To Hell(AC/DC cover with IW singer)
                                                   IRON MAIDEN
If you want to hear the original stuff that started it all for 20 bux then see this legend.

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