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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Miguel & The Atomic Three-Angelos,Pamona,CA1/8/11

    So most shows I do are useally on the Punk Rock/Heavy Metal side. Well This is a Rockabilly Show. Im not quite oa fan of the genre but I do enjoy some Blasters from time to time. Any who. My cousin Miguel has an old 50's style Rock N Roll Rockabilly band. They do kick ass and since he's my favorite cousin and took me to my first show (The Adicts back in 05) I had to roadie. It's a real fun job and all his band mates are really nice guys with a great sense of humor. This was a bar show and only 2 bands played.

   First band was Los Chilaqz. They were a Rockabilly/Cumbia latin style. I didnt catch most of their set due to help moving stuff around but what from I heard they pretty good. They mixed Latin culture with Rockabily a lot which was fun. The chick in the band who danced all sexy and played the maracas was damn sexy.

  Now last time I saw "The Atomic Three",it was just 3 guys. They really good but since they've added a saxophone player,now they sound GREAT! My cousin has a great voice and is a really good guitar player. The drummer is just a total badass. C'mon the guys been in a wheelchair for years and still plays drums like a maniac. Ok maybe not for this band but they're previous Psychobilly band,The Skunx was a badass piece of art. They did a really well set but the crowed was lame! Cmon you dance to the freakin' DJ music but not live music. The band did one of the songs that everyone was dancing too and they just stood there. At the end people were dancing but not as much. This band is going places. Check em out at Viva Las Vegas 14 with JERRY LEE LEWIS!

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