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Sunday, January 16, 2011

D.R.I.-Key Club,Los Angeles CA 1/15/11

  If I stared this blog back to my first show in 05. I wouldve said the legendary Dirty Rotten Imbeciles was the most craziest insane show ive ever seen. More insane then Slayer and Cannibal Corpse. Yesterday they proved that point again. I dont care if your a Punk,Thrasher,Metal Head,Crusty,Cholo,etc you gotta love D.R.I. Plus all those people were there. Yes even cholos. I bought a badass yellow t-shirt with the Thrash Zone artwork from Kurt Brecht himself. I wanted to take a picture with him so bad but seemed busy. Really nice guy tho. My shirt had European tour dates tho :(. Thanks to one of my good buddy,Kattan, who got me a ticket so we can enjoy the Dirty Rotten experiance again.

     When I saw D.R.I. back in 09 they have three opening bands(all local thrash). One of them that played was Taking Over. They played with them again. They're like Thrash Crust Black Metal all rolled into one. That probably why I liked them so much last time around. This time they played first instead of right before D.R.I. I kept asking for the Discharge cover of DRUNK WITH POWER they did last time. They got a nuts with Hellbastard. They're always great to start the night. Finally a Thrash band that's not generic with a huge following.

  The next band was very,very I dont how to describe it. I had heard mixed reviews about this band but never checked out their music. They were called Emovores. It took me forever to figure the name out. But they claim to eat emo kids. Thats cool. So the guitar player went up with a shirt of "The Darkness". Ay ay ay I thought they were supposed to be crossover thrash. Indeed they were. I fell inlove with this band as soon as they started. They had the fast Thrash sound with melodic punk rock choreses, It was wierd but a genious move. Think Nuclear Assault with Bad Religion. Holy shit these guys were fuckin great. Plus the lyrics singing about ass rape and marijuana deaths made them better. This is a perfect Crossover band. I hope they get more regonition since this is there 2nd big show. I loved these guys. Emovores FTW!

 So here we go guys. The band that made me love Thrash. The band that got me into this heavy metal scene. The band that I always listen too when I need that fast rush. Right away they started and I got punched in the lip. This band and they're fans dont fuck around. Stage diver left and right. People pushing and shoving like Black Friday at Wal Mart. Yes,if you want an old skool Hardcore/Thrash experiecne go see this band. I had to take take off my glasses and hat for this. They played songs from all their albums. They never put anything bad out. After singing a long and gettting kicked in the head 5 times I had yet waited to stage dive. Last time I saw em,they didnt play Violent Pacification. First encour they stared talking how cool it was for Slayer to cover one of thier songs. I got ready to jump. As soon as that fast guitar riff started I went for it. Crowed Surfed for a bit,went on stage,threw my fingers and jumped. Rest of the set I was trying to stay put but it was really hard considering the whole place was a pit. Still the best band to see live,no bullshit. D.R.I. is possibly and most lily the greatest band ever.

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