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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brutal Truth-The Blvd,Boyal Heights CA 1/20/11

  Out of all the shows this month this was the one I was extremely excited for. Look at that line up. Pure perfect show for Grindcore/Powerviolence fans. If Brutal truth played alone I still would've gone. My skool gave me a crappy ID 2 years ago. Really laminated and ripping but it had my birthday. My girlfriend who had a real CA ID forgot hers. They didn't let us in at first but 3 min later they did yelling at us that we better not fuck up by drinking or else they'd ban us from here. I don't even drink! I hate going to shows stoned,or else I wont remember and write this down for the 2(?) people who read this crap. Point is I got in.The band Terroism didn't play due to trying to end the show at 11. Well that planned failed. While siting down I was to shocked to take a picture with Dan Lilker since well all the bands he's in are just fuckin badass. I eventually did.

   Alright,so this grind band ive been wanting to see starts the show. Their name is Fetus Eaters and they play Grindcore. Im already a fan. The singer does his grind vocals thing then starts playing along with the band with his saxophone. The guy had long dreads and had great stage presence. The kazoo playing made it 100 times better. My first impression was good until the drummer did a harmonica solo....oh now im inlove. I wanna see these guys play again but a way longer set. I recommend you guys hear the album Mediocore. Cmon nobody really hates abortions.

     Lack Of Interest were next. They have a huge following and have made a name of thierselves in the Powerviolence genre. This will be my 3rd time seeing them. They were all set up but the singer was nowere to be found. Soon they just said "We're Lack Of Interest,and if you come up here and sing,you'll be in it too".  So a bunch of kids went up to sing a long. Including the singer of a local band I know called VS-13. The microphone was broken so it was pretty much an instrumental set. The singer showed up being late due to cops. They gave him a new mic and finished up the set. Im gonna see them again next month,really good band. I recomend the self titled album with the fat guys face on it. Another thing ive noticed is the very old man that always hangs out with them. Ive been told its the drummers Grandfather. He is known as Grandpa Of Interest and is a really nice man who always wears Grindcore shirts. This man is a badasss. You'll see him at all LOI shows.
  Then was the well known Bastard Noise. Anyone who claims to love Powerviolence loves the band;Man Is The Basatrd. This band as you can tell by its name has memebers. They got a new female singer to sing along. I have one EP and I found it decent for a Noise album. Live I was pretty bored and most people around me felt the same way. The dude singer kept saying stuff that nobody really understood. They played like 2 songs I really liked but thats about it. They were my girlfriends bathroom break. Cool thing was the lead Singer of Trash Talk was there in the audience during their set and then vanished. I really tired liking them,I really did.

   Now as I found out later,most people went to go see Despise You. Another man/women duet except fast as fuck. Despise You are huge and in the Poiwerviolence scene and with their fan base they are pretty much unstoppable. If you like X mixed with Charles Bronson then this will be your band. I liked em a lot and im glad I saw them live. They threw a skateboard deck to the audience like they do every show and people were attacking it like dogs to a steak. There was a mini pit for that. This was the craziest the show got since when they ended a lot of people left.

    Now the main reason I went was for one of my all time favorite Grind bands;Brutal Truth. I got up right up front for this. The band got on,tuned up,and lead singer Kevin Sharp took his shoes off for this. Right away he started and I head banged like a mofo. For a while no one seemed to be into it which made me sad. These guys helped invent Grind for crap's sake. Eventually peple got into it when they started playing thier old stuff. Kevin kept walking back and forth while interacting with the crowed. I kept yelling for my favorite soong witch they evtually did and I went nuts as always. He let the Fetus Eaters dude sing all the parts I wanted to. They had to cut the set short witch sucked but I was still glad they played 45 min after the show was supposed to be over. Brutal Truth ruled. I wanna see em again and Dan's other bands ASAP! I recommend everything they ever put out.

  Overall,this was a great show to start my early Grindviolence weekend. And the singer of No comment/Low Threat Profile was chillin next to me the whole time,CRAZY! Day after I went to a wrestling match,day after Knotts. Sunday I should have another Grindviolence show for you. We Be Grindin'

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  1. I am one of the 2 readers! This stuff is amazing. Grandpa Interest. Fucking sweet!