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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brutal Truth-The Blvd,Boyal Heights CA 1/20/11

  Out of all the shows this month this was the one I was extremely excited for. Look at that line up. Pure perfect show for Grindcore/Powerviolence fans. If Brutal truth played alone I still would've gone. My skool gave me a crappy ID 2 years ago. Really laminated and ripping but it had my birthday. My girlfriend who had a real CA ID forgot hers. They didn't let us in at first but 3 min later they did yelling at us that we better not fuck up by drinking or else they'd ban us from here. I don't even drink! I hate going to shows stoned,or else I wont remember and write this down for the 2(?) people who read this crap. Point is I got in.The band Terroism didn't play due to trying to end the show at 11. Well that planned failed. While siting down I was to shocked to take a picture with Dan Lilker since well all the bands he's in are just fuckin badass. I eventually did.

   Alright,so this grind band ive been wanting to see starts the show. Their name is Fetus Eaters and they play Grindcore. Im already a fan. The singer does his grind vocals thing then starts playing along with the band with his saxophone. The guy had long dreads and had great stage presence. The kazoo playing made it 100 times better. My first impression was good until the drummer did a harmonica solo....oh now im inlove. I wanna see these guys play again but a way longer set. I recommend you guys hear the album Mediocore. Cmon nobody really hates abortions.

     Lack Of Interest were next. They have a huge following and have made a name of thierselves in the Powerviolence genre. This will be my 3rd time seeing them. They were all set up but the singer was nowere to be found. Soon they just said "We're Lack Of Interest,and if you come up here and sing,you'll be in it too".  So a bunch of kids went up to sing a long. Including the singer of a local band I know called VS-13. The microphone was broken so it was pretty much an instrumental set. The singer showed up being late due to cops. They gave him a new mic and finished up the set. Im gonna see them again next month,really good band. I recomend the self titled album with the fat guys face on it. Another thing ive noticed is the very old man that always hangs out with them. Ive been told its the drummers Grandfather. He is known as Grandpa Of Interest and is a really nice man who always wears Grindcore shirts. This man is a badasss. You'll see him at all LOI shows.
  Then was the well known Bastard Noise. Anyone who claims to love Powerviolence loves the band;Man Is The Basatrd. This band as you can tell by its name has memebers. They got a new female singer to sing along. I have one EP and I found it decent for a Noise album. Live I was pretty bored and most people around me felt the same way. The dude singer kept saying stuff that nobody really understood. They played like 2 songs I really liked but thats about it. They were my girlfriends bathroom break. Cool thing was the lead Singer of Trash Talk was there in the audience during their set and then vanished. I really tired liking them,I really did.

   Now as I found out later,most people went to go see Despise You. Another man/women duet except fast as fuck. Despise You are huge and in the Poiwerviolence scene and with their fan base they are pretty much unstoppable. If you like X mixed with Charles Bronson then this will be your band. I liked em a lot and im glad I saw them live. They threw a skateboard deck to the audience like they do every show and people were attacking it like dogs to a steak. There was a mini pit for that. This was the craziest the show got since when they ended a lot of people left.

    Now the main reason I went was for one of my all time favorite Grind bands;Brutal Truth. I got up right up front for this. The band got on,tuned up,and lead singer Kevin Sharp took his shoes off for this. Right away he started and I head banged like a mofo. For a while no one seemed to be into it which made me sad. These guys helped invent Grind for crap's sake. Eventually peple got into it when they started playing thier old stuff. Kevin kept walking back and forth while interacting with the crowed. I kept yelling for my favorite soong witch they evtually did and I went nuts as always. He let the Fetus Eaters dude sing all the parts I wanted to. They had to cut the set short witch sucked but I was still glad they played 45 min after the show was supposed to be over. Brutal Truth ruled. I wanna see em again and Dan's other bands ASAP! I recommend everything they ever put out.

  Overall,this was a great show to start my early Grindviolence weekend. And the singer of No comment/Low Threat Profile was chillin next to me the whole time,CRAZY! Day after I went to a wrestling match,day after Knotts. Sunday I should have another Grindviolence show for you. We Be Grindin'

Sunday, January 16, 2011

D.R.I.-Key Club,Los Angeles CA 1/15/11

  If I stared this blog back to my first show in 05. I wouldve said the legendary Dirty Rotten Imbeciles was the most craziest insane show ive ever seen. More insane then Slayer and Cannibal Corpse. Yesterday they proved that point again. I dont care if your a Punk,Thrasher,Metal Head,Crusty,Cholo,etc you gotta love D.R.I. Plus all those people were there. Yes even cholos. I bought a badass yellow t-shirt with the Thrash Zone artwork from Kurt Brecht himself. I wanted to take a picture with him so bad but seemed busy. Really nice guy tho. My shirt had European tour dates tho :(. Thanks to one of my good buddy,Kattan, who got me a ticket so we can enjoy the Dirty Rotten experiance again.

     When I saw D.R.I. back in 09 they have three opening bands(all local thrash). One of them that played was Taking Over. They played with them again. They're like Thrash Crust Black Metal all rolled into one. That probably why I liked them so much last time around. This time they played first instead of right before D.R.I. I kept asking for the Discharge cover of DRUNK WITH POWER they did last time. They got a nuts with Hellbastard. They're always great to start the night. Finally a Thrash band that's not generic with a huge following.

  The next band was very,very I dont how to describe it. I had heard mixed reviews about this band but never checked out their music. They were called Emovores. It took me forever to figure the name out. But they claim to eat emo kids. Thats cool. So the guitar player went up with a shirt of "The Darkness". Ay ay ay I thought they were supposed to be crossover thrash. Indeed they were. I fell inlove with this band as soon as they started. They had the fast Thrash sound with melodic punk rock choreses, It was wierd but a genious move. Think Nuclear Assault with Bad Religion. Holy shit these guys were fuckin great. Plus the lyrics singing about ass rape and marijuana deaths made them better. This is a perfect Crossover band. I hope they get more regonition since this is there 2nd big show. I loved these guys. Emovores FTW!

 So here we go guys. The band that made me love Thrash. The band that got me into this heavy metal scene. The band that I always listen too when I need that fast rush. Right away they started and I got punched in the lip. This band and they're fans dont fuck around. Stage diver left and right. People pushing and shoving like Black Friday at Wal Mart. Yes,if you want an old skool Hardcore/Thrash experiecne go see this band. I had to take take off my glasses and hat for this. They played songs from all their albums. They never put anything bad out. After singing a long and gettting kicked in the head 5 times I had yet waited to stage dive. Last time I saw em,they didnt play Violent Pacification. First encour they stared talking how cool it was for Slayer to cover one of thier songs. I got ready to jump. As soon as that fast guitar riff started I went for it. Crowed Surfed for a bit,went on stage,threw my fingers and jumped. Rest of the set I was trying to stay put but it was really hard considering the whole place was a pit. Still the best band to see live,no bullshit. D.R.I. is possibly and most lily the greatest band ever.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trap Them-The Roxy Hollywood,CA 1/9/11

  So every month now Scion(car brand) host free metal shows. Yes people that does kick major ass when ive seen Municipal Waste,Skeeltonwitch,Death Angel, and Arsis. But most recently they've been doing Hardcore/Grind shows. Which is cool since ive see Fuck the Facts,Iron Age,Integrity,Ceremony,Pulling Teeth,etc all for $0.00

   Most people are useally stunned when I tell em I dont like Sludge Metal. I dont. Mammoth Grinder totally shocked me. They take sludge to a whole other level. If anything they sounded really Crust/Grind. The trio was really into it and they put a Negative Approach cover into the set. Now thats badass. The band reminded me a lot of Terrorizer. A great way to start a free show.
 Now we have Black Breath. Named after a Repulsion song you know theyre gonna be kickass. More kickass then I expected when I saw them during the summer,also with Trap Them(also free). They mix hardcore with Crust with Black Metal influences. The band is just badass genre rolled up. The singer who I met was a very nice guy who lived interactiong with the crowed. This is a band I recommend to everyone weather if its to buy their music or catch them live.

     There's very few bands in you see live that change your life. Well in 09 it was my first scion show. The show was super important to me since it was my first Metal show with Muncipal Waste. I can go on and on about them but the opening band was Trap Them. I had no idea what Grindcore was back in the day. They were the first Grind band I saw live so because of them they started my love for Grindcore and beyond. This band Changed my Life. Seeing them the 2nd time in the summer was just as great. But today they were insane. Kyle the lead singer is this total genious and should(and probally will) go down in history. They started quick and ended with a bam. Third time seeing them for free and each time just makes me love them more and more. I staged dvived cause I had the rush they gave me two years again. This band is a must see.

Miguel & The Atomic Three-Angelos,Pamona,CA1/8/11

    So most shows I do are useally on the Punk Rock/Heavy Metal side. Well This is a Rockabilly Show. Im not quite oa fan of the genre but I do enjoy some Blasters from time to time. Any who. My cousin Miguel has an old 50's style Rock N Roll Rockabilly band. They do kick ass and since he's my favorite cousin and took me to my first show (The Adicts back in 05) I had to roadie. It's a real fun job and all his band mates are really nice guys with a great sense of humor. This was a bar show and only 2 bands played.

   First band was Los Chilaqz. They were a Rockabilly/Cumbia latin style. I didnt catch most of their set due to help moving stuff around but what from I heard they pretty good. They mixed Latin culture with Rockabily a lot which was fun. The chick in the band who danced all sexy and played the maracas was damn sexy.

  Now last time I saw "The Atomic Three",it was just 3 guys. They really good but since they've added a saxophone player,now they sound GREAT! My cousin has a great voice and is a really good guitar player. The drummer is just a total badass. C'mon the guys been in a wheelchair for years and still plays drums like a maniac. Ok maybe not for this band but they're previous Psychobilly band,The Skunx was a badass piece of art. They did a really well set but the crowed was lame! Cmon you dance to the freakin' DJ music but not live music. The band did one of the songs that everyone was dancing too and they just stood there. At the end people were dancing but not as much. This band is going places. Check em out at Viva Las Vegas 14 with JERRY LEE LEWIS!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paul Di'Anno-Key cLub,Hollywood CA 1/5/11

           The original voice for Iron Fuckin' Maiden. I cant stand those stupid die hard Maiden fans that talk pure shit about him. My friend was doing that and it was really annoying. This man sang on the first two(and best) Maiden Albums. With a doubt the band wouldnt be successful as it is today with out the boost this man gave to them. Id rather pay 20 bux than 100 to see Maiden play new songs I dont care about then the orginal man to play the classics. Luckily for me my friend bought a pass to the crappy club which lets you in for 6 months + 1 friend. Still $6 extra if your under 21. Bullshit

    This place has bad time getting opening bands. So last minute they got two. When I was takin a piss I thought i saw Paul and freaked out like a little girl, It wasn't him. But the singer to the first band,The Disowned. Never judge a book by its cover. Guitar player looked like he was in a My Chemical Romance cover band,singer looked like those tough bro guys at Hatebreed shows. They played pretty good metal influenced punk rock. And Black Flags"Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie". I respect them.

    Next was some boring Pearl Jam wannabes named Arson Pedistiran, The whole place was bored as fuck. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Icarus Witch was up. Theyre a pretty well knwon Trad. Metal band. They are also known for being Di'Annos back up band here in USA and Canada. I have one of thier albums. Pretty good. Most recently they got a new singer. Great stage presence and and good attitude. Perfect for the band. They played a good while and they did a great job. Perfect for being his back up band.

Now the time I was waitng for. The man who made me love metal. The man who made me headbang like crazy. My role model the sexy Paul Di'Anno

Ok,he dont look like that anymore. But he loves to joke about that. But he still is the badass mother fucker he is. The plan for tonight was to play the frist Iron Maiden album in its entirty and he did. With select tracts from Killers and his solo stuff. I went to nuts during KillersPhantom Of The Opera. Di'Anno kept making jokes and of corse mention Maiden. But cmon who cares if he talks shit,drama makes the world go round.
                                                 Set Lists:
                                                  Idles Or March
                                                  Marshal Joklaw
                                                  Murders In The Rue Morgue
                                                  Strange World
                                                  The Beast Arisies
                                                  Children Of Madness
                                                  Genghis Ghan
                                                  Remember Tomorrow
                                                  Faith Healer
                                                  A Song For You
                                                  Charlotte The Harlot
                                                  Phantom Of The Opera
                                                  Running Free(with IW singer)

                                                   Highway To Hell(AC/DC cover with IW singer)
                                                   IRON MAIDEN
If you want to hear the original stuff that started it all for 20 bux then see this legend.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Basil The Dog,RIP 2001-2011

As you people know,im a huge Grindcore fan. Caninus was a band fronted by two pitbulls. They have 1 full length and two splits. Today really makes me sad when I found out one of the dogs,Basil 9 years old died last Wednesday. She was put to sleep because she had a bad brain tumor. She will be very missed and is Grind legend and a new musical pioneer. RIP Basil

Sunday, January 2, 2011

People who passed away in 2010 who I respected

Ronnie James Dio seriously had the best voice in Heavy Metal. When my friend jacked a Sabbath cd from Wal Mart that wasnt Ozzy,I wasnt to sure what to expect. It blew me away and showed me a totally different band. It was great going to his memorial and saying goodbye. There wasn't one metal head who didn't blast Dio/Black Sabbath/Rainbow/Heaven & Hell that day.

El Hijo De Cien Caras wasnt actually Cien Caras Sr. son but still a badass. No one deserves to be killed for no reason. A true Lucha Legend.

Possibly the first Riot Grrl band,Ari Up fronted 77 Punk legends The Slits. What they did was legendary and they showed Punk Girls have balls.

Derf from one of my all time favorite punk bands;FEAR. No one knows yet how  he died,but he's the badass who played saxophone and sang in Getting The Brush. A true legend indeed.

I grew up watching Diffrent Stokes on Nick At Night. He always made me laugh and showed family values.

Before joining Nu-Metal Millionaires;Slipknot,Paul Grey was in a great Pornogrind band called Anal Blast. He was great in both bands.
Jc Baily made Extreme wrestling way more extreme than it already was. A true badass.
 Not many people dared to fuck with Giant Gonzalez. Cmon he kicked the Undertakers ass for crying out loud. A real legend. RIP