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Monday, October 17, 2011

Yes,im still blogging

Im very sorry to my readers(if I have any) about not posting reviews. I actually have been reviewing them since I stopped here. I joined forces in the Bigfoot Diaries(the guys who got me to do blogs). It will still be the same ol stuff just on a diffrent site with diffrent people doing diffrent stuff. Go back on the pages to read my reviews since I stopped here.Thaks again :).

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lack Of Interest-The Blvd,Boyal Heights CA- 6/35/11

Now if you have been reading my last blogs,I've told you not only 2 reviews already about Lack Of Interest but of their mascot,Grandpa Of Interest. He's the drummers grandfather and he's on their t-shirts and goes to all their shows. He is a very nice old man who I always greet at shows. This dude always wears band shirts of Grind/Death/Powerviolence bands. Today they were throwing a show for his 84th Birthday. To everyone he is the grandfather of all the Grind/Powerviolence/HxC scene so of coarse I went to celebrate our Grind-pa. You guys know how I think its lame to go to shows,miss all the unknown bands and just go for the main ones. I sadly did this today because Mexico beat USA in football(soccer like you monkeys call it) and since the show is in East La area...there was a bunch of cops closing streets and Mexicans goings nuts with their flags. Mexican fans being happy is cool. Cops shutting off main streets is not. So I missed the 3 opening bands and one of them(Fetus Eaters) I really love.

I made it in time for Retox. I told you guys in February how much I love the lead singer,Justin Pearson(JP) because he's in 20 bands and they ALL kick ass. The Locust being his main bad ass band. Tho he's an anti-musical genius,he's real cocky. Last time I tried to talk to him(well kinda) but I didn't really wanna bother this time. Another thing about last time,they had barley started playing(4th show maybe) so they didn't have much songs. This time they still brought their insane live tactics and more songs. The crowd was full of hipsters and everyone was into them. JP was screaming off the tiny stage and kids were just dancing along. They did a great set again. After I told I told JP good job and he just said Thanks and walked away. First Album "Ugly Animals" is coming soon. Ill for sure check it out. Don't get me wrong guys,Retox fucking rules.
 Lack was hitting the stage. This being my 4th time seeing these guys was excited for them. They're nobody will ever get tired of seeing. But while they were setting up,2 girls(singers of Eat The Living and Bastard Noise) passed out cupcakes,kazoos,and party hats. All which had Grandpa's face on it. We sang happy birthday and he seemed really happy.Throughout the whole day I was telling him Happy Birthday and how much he ruled. All the hipsters left after Retox(LAME!) so for the time I was able to get upfront with Lack Of Interest. As always they start with Never Back Down. Everyone sang,jumped and moshed around. Lack Of Interest is a legendary Powerviolence band but refuses to headline. After the fast and great set I took a pic with Grandpa Of Interest. We were both happy in the picture.

 Up next was Bastard Noise. I only stayed for 2 songs,but The drummer passed out Pillsbury Hardcore stickers! Right now as I'm typing this I left a comment on facebook asking the Singer of Bastard Noise if there will be a Reunion. Sadly not(and he thought they sucked). Bastard Noise started and for 2 songs,they were badass. Check em out and also check out the singers past legendary bands,Man Is The Bastard and Pillsbury Hardcore. I really enjoyed this time tho I left early.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Media Blitz-Pepz Pizza, La Habra CA 6/10/11

Now this show was fun! Hardcore, free shit, pizza,what else could I ask for?!? Me and my girlfriend got their kinda early so we walked around the area. I found a badass thrift shop. I bought a Graf Orlock shirt with a Wookie on it for $2. Grindcore + Star Wars = Badasss.  After that we went to Big Lots and stole KISS buttons. We get to the show and theres those hardcore kids with their drug free patches waiting as well. They finally let all us kids in and everyone orders a pizza. The pizza was ok for being cheap but I had the runs after. But I still respect this place for throwing hxc shows for free. As they set up the little stage I was on my 4th soda refill.

 First band was called The Shrills. They looked like Morrissey fans and the guitar player had a skull mask on. They played fast weird music. Not hardcore. Imagine The Cramps in full blast. I give this band major credit for being unique. The kids loved 'em and so did I. My girlfriend was surprised I liked 'em,but they were good.

Up next was a band called A Dying Breed. All the members of this band were in the pit for The Shrills, so when these guys played The Shrills were moshing for them. Kids were dancing for them and they did a great Adolescents cover. Great to see kids play real hardcore punk rock. These guys will go places.

After them I had to take the biggest shit ever. Holy crap was there a line. The guy in front of me had explosive diarrhea he got from the pizza (like me!). While he was on the crapper we talked how that pizza made us fart like crazy. The 3rd band was setting up and I was pissed 'cause I thought I was gonna miss the whole damn set. After I finished I noticed that the guy who was farting 5 seconds ago on the toilet next to me was the singer for this great band, Concussion. These guys ruled and the singer was white, bald, pissed, full of rage! Holy sheeeet he reminded me of the '80s punk scene! People went crazy for 'em and they were so good. After the whole show he and I talked again about the pizza. Nice guy, great band. I'll be seeing them again on Saturday.

This was a record release party for Media Blitz. This band has been going strong since '05 and they ain't stopping. They started playing and kids were moshing harder and other kids were even jumping off arcade (video game) machines. The singer was interacting with everyone and screaming tough. The guitar player was super nice and was talking to me when I was shitting. They ended with a Beastie Boys cover of "You Gotta Fight for your Right to Party" and the whole crowd jumped on him and he crawled out that huge mess like an old cartoon. They fuckin' ruled. I will be seeing Media Blitz and Concussion this Saturday with bad ass hardcore legends DOA, JFA, Ill Repute,etc.

Check out these 4 bands now.

Agent Steel-House Of Blues,Hollywood CA 6/7/11

Ugh! Let me try this again... Im really getting sick of Thrash/Metal shows so this might be the last one for a while. I mainly went to this because it was free. As is my style, I arrived super late. Currently, I have no Internet so I apologize for the lag.

Evildead played this for free two months ago,and because its the same guitar player...He allowed his legendary speed metal band Agent Steel to play. They hardly ever perform, so it was cool that they were playing, let alone for free.

The first band I saw was an East LA death metal band called Dia De Los Meutros. Imagine Brujeria in Spanish form. The crowd seemed to be into 'em and so was I. People really dug 'em and the chick singing was great. They just released their new album for free download. I suggest you check it out.

Next up was speed metal legend Agent Steel. They recently got a new singer and he did a great job. They played all their classics but the the bouncers were being dicks. Kids were flying every where and security was pushing them off, making shit worse. The band however played most of their greats and they were REALLY into it. I'd recommend 'em to you metal heads with their first album, Skeptics Apocalypse. Sorry cant tell you much more,except they were cool.

Agent Steel

Monday, June 13, 2011

RIP Seth Putnam. May 15, 1968 – June 11, 2011

Seth Putnam was a sick fuck, freak, loser, and my idol.

Everyone who knows me personally knew that his band AxCx was one of my all time favorites. In fact they were the band that made me love the genre of Grindcore. C'mon lets face it. Grindcore is the WORST genre ever, and he made it even worse! That's how badass the man was. Who would ever have thought his music (ha!) career would have gone this long?! His band's name is super offensive, you make 10 second noise, all you sing about is rape, child abuse, drugs,and homosexuals. The band made 11 albums from 1988-2011. Seth even did some back screams on Panetera's album "The Great Southern Trendkill".

I listened to some of AxCx songs so I decided to buy one of the Cd's, "It just gets Worse." Right away I was blown away. The songs were short as fuck and the song and lyrics were offensive to the max. Songs like "Freddy Mercury got AIDS from Eazy E" and "Pepe The Gay Waiter" made me love this band. The two things I fuckin' loved started to merge together. Shock Rock offensive lyrics like those of GG Allin and The Mentors with fast noise like The Locust and Napalm Death (only bands I knew at the time.) I was hooked on this band and told people how much they kicked ass. No one seemed to like them.

I continued to look for their music and find out more about the ingenious that is Seth Putnam. After never finding another Cd (only 1) and no merch whatever, I just stole their music and loved it. The way Seth would want it.

Fast forward almost 2 years. I found out that they were gonna tour. They hadn't been in LA in 3 years and I was super excited. When I found out that they were gonna be in my local Grind bar I felt like a kid in a candy store. When I woke up that morning I was just thinkin' "Holy shit im gonna see Seth and AxCx!". I knew it was a risky thing though... Either Seth would be nice to me or just kick my ass right there. He's vicious like that. When he walked into the bar I was so excited. I felt like I was meeting Mickey Mouse when I was 4. We made eye contact 'cause he saw my Siege shirt (a band he was in for a bit). I asked him for a picture and tho he was so messed up on drugs....he picked himself up to take a pic with me. He had to sit down the whole show. I fuckin loved every second of it. I left with a T-Shirt and a big smile. I couldn't wait for him to come back. Sadly I will never get that chance now. Some Grind bands were happy that Seth had died. Those assholes were being homos in their daddy's sack while Seth was on stage hitting girls. They don't wanna admit they inspired them. This man survived a coma,I never thought he would leave so soon. I'm so glad I met him and saw AxCx live. He was my hero,he is my hero. Seth Putnam RIP you asshole of a legend.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chumly Porter(D.R.I.) RIP

Chumly played bass in the Full Speed A Head album. He was with the band for 2 years and evenn longer than that being a roadie. He will be missed. Once a Dirty Rotten Imbecile,always a Dirty Rotten Imbecile.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rammstein-Jimmy Kimmel Live,Hollywood CA-5/20/11

 Rammstein for those who do not know,are of of the biggest bands in the world. They're probably the biggest metal band in Germany, Yep as big as Metallica is here. So these gentlemen haven't been here in 8 years to the USA and quite frankly I was really saddened by not having enough mula to seem em. Thank Satan for Jimmy Kimmel. Thanks to his Late night TV show Ive seen Slayer,Ozzy.and Primus preform 5 songs for free. I dont know about you guys but 5 free songs sure beat $100 for 25 songs. Any who I got a text last week Rammstein was gonna play so of coarse I made my brother in law pass me his laptop right then n there.
We get there early. Like the past Jimmy shows ive been to,they check,let you in and let you watch the show. This time they lagged it sick. I climbed the fence to see what the fuss was about. They were too busy setting up the pyro. Yes. It was insane! After almost 3 hours of making fun of tourist in buses takin pictures of us we finally got in.Right away they started with Du Hast and the singer got a bow n arrow thing that shot fire works and thirled it around. There was a lot of fire and people were pushing and screaming the lyrics with them since we've all been waiting years to do this. Then they played Feuer Frei! which had a lot of fireworks. They played an extra 3 songs which was badass. I so hope I get to see these guy in a full show next year. They are most likely throw the best show performance in rock n roll.
Du Hast
Feuer Frei
Keine Lust
Ich Will

Friday, May 20, 2011

R.I.P. "Macho Man" Randy Savage

A real sad day in the wrestling world. RIP to one of the greatest legends of all time. RIP "Macho Man" Randy Savage. We will miss you. OHHHHH YEAAAAHHHH!
  Just last week me and my brother in law were talking about him. When I was 10 years old my sister came home one day from a TV show taping. She was there to see some band but they were interviewing Randy Savage. She had took her boyfriend who was a huge Macho Man Fan. He told me he got a picture of him signed. I was like ahhhhhh! He offered to give it to me recently but I couldn't accept. He is a huge fan and all. Back to 02 or whatever. My sister brought me a black shirt. It had a picture of him and the worlds "" around it. The back said "OHHH YEAHH!". I didn't know who it was til I visited the website. It was the wrestler guy from Spider man! I wore that shirt until I became a cool kid in jr. High and gave it away. For the past months I've been pissed about that. And today...more than ever. 


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Regular Show-Grave Sights

Now as a 19 year old. I still channel surf through the kids channels just in case theres anything on. Many people will agree with me that children television shows have gone to poop. Some adult fans have praised shows like Adventure Time and The Misadventures of Flap Jack as great kid shows. But I disagree big time. Those shows are lame and I have no idea how kids watch em. One day while waiting for Adult Swim to come on,I stumbled upon a 15 min cartoon named "Regular Show". Right away I fell in love with the show. It had random objects as main characters. A grumpy candy ball machine,A Lollipop old man,a serious Yeti,A prankster Frankenstein Monster and his Ghost sidekick,and the main two: A Blue jay and a raccoon named Mordecai and Rigby. Both very lazy and teenage boys who just wanna have fun but always get into trouble.
  This is the Ren & Stimpy and Beavis & Butt-Head of today's youth. And I'm so glad it is. I haven't seen a cartoon this entertaining since SpongeBob Squarepants first aired,but since has lost its touch. The episode I want to show you is a brand new one and now my favorite. Me and Bigfoot founder and chief(my boss),Troy are big fans of Bruce Campbell and The Evil Dead series if you haven't noticed. This episode is a great homage to Army Of Darkness which has an Ash character. Please enjoy and watch this 10 min episode. If you got kids show em too.
Grave Sights

  I hope you enjoyed that. And I do plan on getting a muscleman tattoo on my arm. Yes his shirt will have the Anal Cunt logo on it. New episodes air every Monday on Cartoon Network at 8:15. Next weeks episode will about wrestling. I'm excited!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Witchaven-Infulsion-Simi Valley,CA 5/6/11

  My weekends been horrible. But before my girl left me,the FOR SALE sign outside my house,and ipod and computer both fucking up.... I last minute went to another Wicthaven Show. Once again this was my 4th time going to one of their shows to see em and enjoy them.
First Time:Stoned and walk in late(I think)
2: I was outside
3:Show ended to late and I was tired and left early .
 Now these 3 bands have been playing a lot together. Like this one its usually them 3 headlining(they rotate time to time) with a crapload of local bands opening. This time Witchaven headlined. And like any Vektor show,my friend had to go so I went with him. This place was connected to local Punk/Metal shirt shop inside some plaza next to a 7-11 and Carl's Jr. Ahhh thats badass. We were running late and like most Thrash were they. So by the time Exmortus was supposed to play,3rd band was barley getting started. Also first time I go to a thrash show and not one drunk person. Okay one kid who passed out,hit his head and had to be picked up by an ambulance(HAHA!). And also no pure Thrash posers. Just kids having a good time supporting their friends.

   We walk in,a band called Chains Of Atlas are playing. These kids were all right. All their friends and family were there supporting them. They had a melodic sound to them. I was sitting down and I noticed my head bobbing. For kids,they ain't bad.
Up next some fat guy in a Viking helmet and his band. They were called Quiverbone and after being bored. I went to 7-11.

 Up next was a horrible band named Suicide Addictive. Can't find shit on them. Thank Satan. I actually kinda fell a sleep during their set. Everybody wants to be Pantera nowadays. Singing about Banging chicks when your a full out pervert band is cool. Singing about banging chicks when your in a tough guy metal band is gay.

  Once again I will review a local band who I'm glad hit it pretty big. Exmortus was setting up. Lead singer and friend,Konan was going back n forth getting stuff. I kept telling him to say on stage "RIP OSAMA!". He had too! He "liked" my post on Facebook! Me and my friends went to sit down near them. The local scene there seemed to love them and were cheering for them like crazy. Konan mentioned Osama and dedicated the song In Hatreds Flame to him. I was having a WTF moment so I kept yelling "Rest In Peace!" and "Konan's Gay!". After their set which the kids loved,I asked him about it and he said it wasn't meant to be taken that way. That Liar!

   Up next was another little band that has a huge following nation wide. An like Exmortus and Witchaven was another really unique Thrash band. They blend Progressive  with Thrash. Im not a fan of Prog at all. But my buddy,whose a huge Rush fan just loves these guys and See's them whenever their somewhat near us. We drove almost 2 hours last time. Most kids were there lined up wearing their Vektor shits. Head banging to their 10 min songs(you know i like 10 seconds). My friend was headbanging. I like them but don't love em like the majority of people there do. Much respect to these guys for being super unique. Listen to Black Future if you like what I say. Plus singer had a sick shirt of the movie The Fly. "Sci-Fi Or Die!" is their motto.
  Now Wicthaven was up. I rolled up my sleeves and took my cap off for this.Now im surprised they played this. The singer,Henry was arrested 2 days ago for Peeing in Public. That guys done time before so im glad he was able to play tonight. The last remaining kids pitted like crazy and the singer sang on how he hated the police and how the Lakers have been losing. They kick ass live,and im glad for being an LA Thrash band their gaining a lot of of attention. Its hard to mix Black Metal and Thrash but these do it perfectly. Please see these guys live and listen to their album Terrorstorm. After thier great performance I talk to Konan about Star Wars. It was a great show.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RIP Osama Bin Laden 1957-2011

Fuck haters. RIP Osama Bin Laden. You were fuckin punk rock and one badass hider. It took 10 year for them to catch you but u did a great job hiding. You'll always be in my heart. After all these years 9/11 jokes are still funny. RIP

‎"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." -Some dude claiming to beMartin Luther King, Jr"

Monday, May 2, 2011

T.S.O.L.-The Grand Romance Riverboat-Long Beach,CA

  Sorry for the lag. My comp has a virus as big as the sad news. Yes I'm depressed about it. Anywho I walked to my buddys house one morning all early and we drove to our local Community College. The punk rock legend,Jack Grisham(TSOL,Joykiller,West Coast Dukes) and he had just written his memoir,"An American Dream".  After finding the damn auditorium we walked in 10 min late(not missing much),got front row seats, and he had started speaking about his book. The book is not just another "Rock Star Biography". What makes this book more unique than Snookies? He lives his life with Satan and God guiding him in his shoulders.I looked around to notice just me and my friends were the only punk rockers there. So many local kids were shocked when he said stuff like,"Yeah I was on crack when my daughter was born" and stuff like that. Some girl asked him about his band and as soon as he said T.S.O.L. me and my buds started clapping and cheering to our idol. He responded to the girl "Its called TSOL,it stand for True Sounds Of Liberty. You wont like us unless your a CRIMINAL!" OF course he looked right at us when he said that. After the speech we went to go talk to him and get our books signed. Well they did not me,I got my flyer signed. After we took pics and hugged him he told us about a free show that weekend on a boat. Of course we told we'd be there. I have not read this book yet but I will. You know you wanna as well.
  Fast forward to the weekend and we go to a boat. A band is already playing. People are just staring at em. These guys were middle aged calm dudes playing some good punk rock. They are Love Canal and are a good piece of history of Orange County Punk Rock. They did shows in '82 with OC greats Channel 3 and Adolescents but broke up. They reunited in 07 and have since been playing shows with the great ones. Singer seemed very calm but had a great voice. Tho people wenrt really into them I thought they did a very great job and I will be looking for thier music.
 Up next was a band I was very looking forward to seeing. They are called Yeastie Boys. They dress as clowns and do punk rock parody's. When I was walking to the boat I saw them walking as well. It was nice standing in line with a dude with a red wig and huge sun glasses. They went up on the mini stage. All 20 of them. They seem to act the same ways in cars,same goes for stages. They started playing their version of Institutionalized and right away went to Wild In The Streets(Clowns In The Streets). I found this really amusing. Clowns were actually doing their jobs and people were pitting. I was really into it but I couldn't help from laughing from what they were singing about. Circus Producer(Pun on Dead Boys Sonic Reducer),Acrobat(Adolescents Amoeba) and Holiday in Clownbodia(Dead Kennedys). They were a fun band. Since the boat was 3 stairs people were throwing confetti and balloons and stuff toys to the audience. As soon as they finished I fell in love with them. I will be seeing these clowns again. After they were done they were in the pit and blowing their horns for every band that played

 After a band called The Hated played. They were also OC pioneers and this was thier first show in 20 years. I cant find anything all about this band. Except one complaint from and old skool guys saying its just the singer. They did a decent job and the clowns were ging to crazy to these guys. They were good but nothing special in my book.

  Up next was a band you may have heard of called The Crowd. These guys still play shows with big names like Bad Religion and Social Distortion. Their local fans adored em so they had people singing along.Its good to know old skool bands like these can still play huge arena shows and still little boats in their towns. The guy for being 50ish still danced his ass off and his voice reminded me a lot of The Dickies. I need to check out their music. They were great and still to this day are so underrated.
 Finally. My 4th time seeing the legendary T.S.O.L. Right away the place got crowded. They took forever but finally Jack put his pen down and went to the stage. I went  upfront and like my past 3 shows,I sang and shouted every song lyric. Jack had to stop during in the middle of a song cause he blanked out. He said, "Sorry for that,I just imagined this boat sinking,and was thinking how I would get out since theres one door." he continued to sing. He asked for request but then said "Fuck that this shows free,you get whatever we want to play." After all the stage diving and nasty 50 year olds in bikinis complaining the show was sadly over. TSOL is one band you must see live. If your a TSOL virgin,then your obviously not Punk Rock and haven't heard their debut album Dance With Me. Go see em if there ever in your hood. Its rare but worth it.
Set Included:
World War III
In My Head
Terrible People
Superficial Love
Dance With Me
Tired Of Life
The Sounds Of Laughter
Abolish Government/Silent Majority
The Triangle
Fuck You Tough Guy
Die For Me
Man and Machine
Code Blue

Monday, April 25, 2011

RIP Poly Styrene. 1957-2011

RIP Poly Styrene. X-Ray Spex were one of the greatest Punk bands of all time.She will always remembered and Her vocals made many gateways fro female outcasts. Polly we salute you. Breast Cancer up Yours!

The Big 4-Empire Polo Club,Indio CA-4/23/11

 This is a big fuckin' deal. All 4 Legendary bands for the first time in America. Sadly the only date and it was 2 hours away but I had to go. It had to be here. Metallica,Slayer,Megadeth got their start here which made California home of Thrash. It was at some big ass field were they host Cochella for indie art fruits. I only paid $15 for my ticket while the rest paid $100(sucka!). My ticket hadn't came in the mail so my buddy went to the post office in the morning to get. Woke my ass up and I got ready right away. We were supposed to jam at 10 am but didn't leave 'til 12. It was a 2 hour drive and me and my boys were making fun of billboard signs,checking out hot chicks,and cranking Death Metal. As soon as we got of the ramp the whole fuckin city was traffic. After an hour our ladies in car #2 told us about a shortcut. Thank Satan we did it or else I would've missed Anthrax. We finally found parking. Me and main homie left to go right away. While the other followed Thrash tradition and got wasted like they do at every show and up missing half the show. We tried to make our way to the front.

  After watching people leave their cars to pee on the sidewalk(like my friends) and getting insulted by stupid Tough guy bros it was time for Anthrax. This was the band I really wanted to see for many reasons. They had just reunited with their best singer Joey Belladonna last year. They were my first and one of my favorite Thrash/Metal bands since forever. And ive been wanting to see them live since I was still oh so punk rock. We tried hard for the first 3 songs to go upfront. Bad fuckin idea! It was so crowded and people were pushing for their lives. When we did get near to the rail we couldn't fuckin see them! It was better when I was 2 songs ago and they looked like ants. Unfortunately you had to get the VIP tickets to see em upfront. Fuckin Bullshit. Anthrax honestly did an OK set but since it was my first time I loved it. They played great songs but they haven't changed their set lists since they reunited. That's lame. Im hoping to see them headline a show soon so I can get a 100% Anthrax. If your an Anthrax virgin listen to Spreading The Disease now. Seeing Anthrax for the first time was badass.  But to quote guitarist Scot Ian..."NOT!". I will enjoy them eventually.
Caught in a Mosh
Got the Time
Among the Living
Fight 'Em Till You Can't
I Am the Law
 Megadeth was next. And after walking out of the mess I was just in ee and my buddy ran to drink a $6 frozen lemonade. And then I saw some dude wearing a Santo lucha mask so I hugged him. We sat in some hill and found a few friends. We saw Megadeth from a long ass way and they started with the song Trust. Already I was like "Wha da fock!". The set seemed to get better n better but I wasn't feeling as I was when I saw em last Fall when they played the whole Rust In Peace(get it you megavigin!) album.Of coarse I sang and head banged to Head Crusher and Peace Sells,but they were the weakest band this day. Big points to Dave for finally making Peace Sells/Holy Wars separate songs and not playing it twice. Just a bad day for em.
In My Darkest Hour
Hangar 18
Wake Up Dead
Poison Was The Cure
She Wolf
Sweating Bullets
A Toute Le Monde
Symphony Of Destruction
Peace Sells
Holy Wars
 My favorite from the 4 was next. Fuckin' Slayer. They started and me and buddy were at the same. We said "fuck that" and tried to get some what near. After moving and moving I found a perfect spot. They started with World Painted Blood and I was pumped. I kept yelling and screaming a long to songs ive never heard live. New and old. From Anti-Christ to Payback. Slayer is just a band that you have to see live every fucking time they come. Guitarist Jeff Hannemen had to call sick for a couple of months since he got some nasty disease from a spider bite. Who better to replace him then Gary Holt from Exodus! Jeff ended up doing some work and at the end Slayer just kicked everyone's ass. You've haven't seen em live you have to if you have at least one ball. If your a virgin to them,then kill yourself but listen to Reign in Blood first. FUCKIN' SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR!
World Painted Blood
Hate World Wide
War Ensemble
Raining Blood
Black Magic
Dead Skin Mask
Silent Scream
Seasons in the Abyss
South of Heaven
Angel of Death
  We took a break,I sat my ass down 'cause my boots were killing me. Slayer had ended right at sundown so the night belonged to Metallica. Everyone got upfront for this. Lights turned off and they showed the scene from Ecstasy of Gold. Right away a little tear came out and my jaw dropped. Holy fuck I was in for a treat. Everyone had their horns up. They started with Creeping Death. Great song by I would've picked another song to open with. Then I head banged my ass off windmill style when they started From whom The Bells Toll. Yelling and dancing along. I seriously had a spiritual awakening. They played Fuel and It kinda went away for a second. Then it came back with Ride The Lightning and Fade To Black. Never have ive been to amazed at a show. I felt 9 years old again hearing Enter Sandman for the first time. Then two new songs which were ok but id rather hear more old stuff. then they did something to shock the whole fuckin place. They played their instrumental song Orion. Right away my friend started screaming and the whole place banged their head in motion. First time EVER they played it here in the US of A. Not one metal head there was standing still. Even my passed out friends woke up for this. This was the highlight of their set. It was a dedication to thier late bass player. They played One and I sang my heart off. Same with Master Of Puppets,Blackened,took a gay gay moment for Nothing Else Matters,then I went nuts again for Enter Sandman. Lights went off. They came back and invited all the bands on stage like they did in Europe. This time instead of only having Dave of Slayer, Kerry King decided to join the fun. Sadly no Tom Araya but still a step further. They played Am I Evil then left the happy moment. Metallica eneded with Hit The Lights and Seek and Destroy. Now I know why Metallica fuckin owns heavy metal.I left happy,tired,dead,and went to McDonads. A show I will never fuckin forget.
Creeping Death
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Ride The Lightning
Fade to Black
All Nightmare Long
Sad But True
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Am I Evil? w/ Big 4
Hit The Lights
Seek & Destroy 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Evildead-House Of Blues,Hollywood CA-4/19/11

  First off im pissed cause I was suppose to go see Rebecca Black before this show. Yes im serious ya jerks. The whole tour eneded up being a fake so me and buds were sad and had to go this. However,I now declare this Bruce Campbell week! Saturday I saw the Grind band BruceXCampbell then on the USA network he premiered his Made for TV movie: Burn Notice:The Fall Of Sam Axe(great movie,im gonna start watching the show) and now I see band named after the movie that made us all love him, Evildead. Groovy.
  Well my friends kept changing thier mind back n forth if we were going to go or not. All day I was getting call saying "yeah foo im down" and "fuuuuh idk man!". Last minute we jammed. Thankfully I missed the first band. I didnt feel like watching a hard rock act. Then I missed most of the band Dyer,who Ive seen play with Exodus before,who are patriotic as fuck,which is lame as fuck in my book. So this Power Metal band went up. Right away we see some bald guy with a big ass coat,sunglasses,limp wrist,and high voice comes out. Him and his 2 guitar and bass players do a side to side dance. Judas Priest rip off? I think so very much. But,they ddi impress me. They sang about Dragons and killin the devil and stuff which was cool.  My friend whos a huge Power Metal fan really digged them. I was tapping my foot. I was really impressed. My only complaint is that they played longer than Evildead. Not Cool! Check em out if your a fan of Dio,Manowar,King Diamond,and just a power metal nerd all together.

  Now im glad I got to see LA's very own Thrash legends once again. Last year when I saw em they played at 2:30am,I was pooped(all day fest),and some guy dressed as an Aztec kicked my nose really hard and I was all dazed. And since them ive listen to them,they've  become one of my favorite metal bands. They reunited last year over 20 years with the original line up with the exception of the singer. New guy does a REALLLY great job and hes the perfect man for the job. This show happen to be free. They were giving tickets away like nothing,which was great since I missed em two months ago. I made my way upfront and the band came out. Great fuckin performance. They didn't play my favorite song this time but still managed to blow me away. If your a fan of Exodus,Anthrax,and DRI check out ED's albums Annihilation Of Civilization(should include Rise Above EP which has a great Black Flag cover) and The Underworld. Please go see em if they come near you. For being Thrash legends,they're underrated. Bruce wouldnt like em but Evil Ash would love them.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anal Cunt/Wormrot-The Blvd,Boyal Heights,CA 4/16/11

 This is the show ive been waiting for. ANAL FUCKIN' CUNT at the Blvd! And To make stuff 69 Times better Wormrot played here(again since they loved it here so much and wanted to do one last show before they went home) in the afternoon for $5 with amazing opening bands. Sadly there ain't a flyer so ill add it to this show since it was at the same place/day. Think of it as a sick Grind fest(I sure do). And since I went to to Wormrot,i got to see AxCx half off. $6! Fuhhhh this show ruled.

  First band was playing and they were a good Grind band. I was into them and so was the little bit of people that were there so far. Pretty good. a great way to open the show up. No idea who they were but pretty good.

  Up next was one of my favorite local bands got up. BruceXCampbell(badass name i know). They started playing and the crowed seem to dig em. They use to be a 3 piece. They lost the Pig Squealer/bass player. Now they have a hot chick as a bass player,I think she was in a punk band called Joe Pesci. They also got a 2nd guitar player who played in the first band and is a former drummer of Suffering Luna. They really need to find another squealer . They were fuckin amazing when it was duel vocals. It hit ya like a boomstick. You must pick there album We Are All Kamikaze ASAP! Chances are you'll find it as S-Mart.

 Now the band I was looking forward to seeing for a 2nd time was my favorite local band. And probably my favorite Grindviolence band in general  ACxDC or Anti Christ Demon-Core. These guys kick so much ass. First time I saw em they blew me away. Singer Sergio goes totally nuts and jumps around with the fans. These guys are loved worldwide but still aren't big enough for a full tour. This is band is gonna get places for sure. I was begging people to get these guys on the Anal Cunt bill,didn't work but at least they got on Wormrots. They played for like 6 min. Download ACxDC's discography now! You Had It Comin'
Turtle Power
Fuck It Dood
Dumb and Dumbshit
New Song/Breakdown
We Kill Christians

 So LA got its third chance to see Wormrot of Singapore. I told you last month at Scion Fest how fuckin' much I loved them and how nice they were. Well since then they've released their second album Dirge for free download. Thats how nice they are. When I went to go tell them to kick ass today and how much I loved em at scion fest,they right away said how they remembered me. Now the tour was supposed to be finished. But since they really loved this place they decided to do their last show here for cheap(also shot their first music video here). They played right away and they were great as always. The audience(mainly young adults) were being lame. The pit went crazy and hard but you couldn't tell who was just having fun or actually trying to fight. Big macho guys choking each other getting butt hurt cause they accidentally got kicked in the head. Whether your a macho man or a wimpy shrimp like me,you have to know what your getting your self into at these shows. So that kinda pissed me off. The band kept playing and I kept screamin'. During the set I got a bloody nose,Punched in the jaw,kicked in the head,got my glasses bent,and someone even managed to pop one of my pimples. They were sick as fuck. At the end I hugged em and tried to get a setlists. No luck,they apologized cause I didnt get one. Thats how fuckin nice they are. I told the drummer that Dirge is the album of the year. Big Smile lit up on him. They also told they will be back next year,you better go! Wormrot loves America,Wormrot we fuckin love you.
  So after they kicked us out. Luckily the place had a change of heart and let everyone there who was gonna come back for Anal Cunt get half off. Me and my girlfriend to McDonald's so we can eat,pee,and poop. We walked back and they let us in. We waited a bit. Most people who went for Wormrot had left and here come the old timers. Believe it or not,the people this time were nicer and more civilized. So first DeathGrind local band plays. They're called Cotex Nektur. Name doesn't catch my attention but I check em out anyway. Lead singer looked like Phil Anselmo. Everyone was young and bold and they played reallly good DeathGrind. Think Death mixed with Repulsion. Singer ended up being in every other bands pit. And like all good local bands should be,they gave thier demo out for free. It has like 9 songs. I cant find a pic of them,but I will be supporting these guys.

    Next up was a Tech DeathGrind band called  Bedlam Of Cacaphony. Hehe caca...anyway they were cool. People really seemed to dig em. They have a little reputation already playing with Cattle Decapitation and others. I dig em. A-OK guys.
 Now The Touring bands started. By this time I was pooped and I wanted my dose of AC already. These guys went up and I noticed it was the same singer and bass player from Panties. And the guitar player was also the bartender there. They said they haven't played in a year and a lot of people were excited for them. They played pretty good Grind and the singer still reminds me of Ice Cube. They were good but id rather listen to Panties. Still a great band tho and Id recommend anyone to check em out. Plus any band that sells shirts for $5 is cool is my book. Ill be seeing them again in June with Doom(which I hear people are complaining about).
  Maryland's Strong Intention was next. My friend told me they were good and I agree. Grindviolence done by an old man is great. Half the place seemed to love em. I wanna tell you more but I was just headbanging. Check em out. And I always find it strange when I see an old man play Grindcore. Guy took his shirt off and screamed for his coffe.

 Up next was super group Murder Construct. A band thats been in the works for many years but barly started playing. How super are they? They have memebers of Cattle Decapitation,Exhumed,Phobia,D.I.S.,Fetus Eaters,Bastard Noise,Bad Acid Trip. Now ya know we got some real good DeathGrind. The place went to a pit and I had trouble seeing. They only have a EP out and you should get it if your into all their badass bands. Hopefully ill be seeing them again.

    Now to the part that matters. All day I was nervous and excited of seeing AxCx. Like a roller coaster,its gonna be fun but all hell can brake loose. I finally got to get an official real shirt. Most of them were based on their new parody Glam album Fuckin' A. I got one with the logo and around it it said :Junkie,Raciest,Alcoholic,Asshole,Troublemaker,Rockstar. Plus it had some silhouettes of hot chicks in random places. Back had a censored version of the new infamous picture of singer,legend,role model Seth Putnam and tour dates. How great is this man? Heres the uncensored pic.
  I got my girlfriend a tank top that said the band name all cute. Back said: Groupie,Slut,Junkie,Scum. We sat and my friend texted me "He's here!". Right away I go back and I see the king himself. We made quick eye contact and I got nervous. I had asked the merch guy if he was gonna punch me or anything. He said nah that hes the coolest guy ever. Right when we're about to ask for a picture he stood up and almost fell. He grabs on to my friend's shoulder hard. He's fucked up on some hxc shit right about now. He later goes back and has all these random sluts kissing his ass. We finally ask him for a pic and he says yes. I never smiled so big in my life. I ask about a Siege reunion. He said "I Doubt it  maaaaaaaaaan!". He kept lifting up his shiny glittery pants to show off his tattoos. The band was setting up.

    Seth marched in the room(with help of coarse) with a shitload of the fans to the stage. He got on and people were yelling and screaming for him and he left. 5 min later he comes back and his friend has a chair. He was too fucked up so he had to sing on the chair like he did when he first got out of his coma. He started singing and the place went nuts. Girls began to hug him tightly and try to sing along. We all started screaming the offensive lyrics a long to to him,"Niggers!,Rape!,Haha!" He was still in charge on stage in his throne. Girls were all over the place. As well as us guys. Some random drunk girl who seemed younger than me was asked by the guitar player to flash us. She did. Her dumbass kept being on stage and the guitar player would randomly grab her and kiss her. She was all fucked up. The thing I loved most about this was they didn't have a setlist. They played whatever they wanted and what we wanted.They finished,then they decided to do a Manowar cover. They asked the sound guy for another song but they wouldn't give it to them. They did it anyway with 311 Sucks. Surprisingly they did play the full hour(or around there). Most people were betting 20 min max. Seth stood for that and people still surrounded him like the badass he is. Check out both albums they released recently Fuckin A' and Wearing Out Our Welcome. Set list included:
Body By Auschwitz
Haha Holocaust
You're A Cop
Beating Up Niggers That Sell Fake Crack
I Lit Your Baby On Fire
Pepe,The Gay Waiter
Flower Shop Guy
Delicious Face Style
Im Still Standing
Van Full Or Retards
Hitler Was a Senative Man
Crankin' My Bands Demo on a Box at the Beach(sang by some random old guy and a little help from me)
Gloves Of Metal
311 Sucks