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Saturday, December 18, 2010

OFF!-The Strange Hollywood CA 12/17/10

  This show was a fucking adventure. Me and my girlfriend had to bus it there while it was raining cats and more cats. We walk for 10 min in this industral area where all these trucks and factorys are in Downtown LA. We get there and there like 5 people already waiting. We wait and see Keith Morris being the badass he is inside. More punks and those lame indie kids show up. They make us form a line. Then the pigs come round. We waited forever for response from the guy in charge. He tells us that it was moved to a venue in Melrose Street Hollywood. The guy and some other jerk got all pissy because I asked if they would provide transportation. As the popo was kicking us out I meet up with a friend. Soon this punk rocker asked all the kids around him who was taking the bus. As me and others raised our hands the group walked a long time to a train station. After meeting a man who walked like a zombie and a bum who asked if were going to the rave,we finally made the bus after a long hard walk in the rain. My friend who was already in the show texted me that wernt letting people in. I was pissed! We finally got there and it was true. The same spokesman was being a dick telling us to leave the area. I can hear the first band playing,White Shit. They were the only other band I wanted to see. Hardcore with Grungy taste,of coarse since they have members of The Melvins. Think a faster Flipper. We waited 'til we decided to walk around. Then the man yelled at us to go in. We ran like chickens and got in.

   Now the review starts. 2nd band Nobunny was finishing up. The singer had bunny ears and they sounded really garage punk. Not really my type of music but they ended it with a Spinal Tap cover of
"Tonight Im Rock You". Meh!

   Finally the band I walked,bused,and took 2 trains for was up. I got up the front as my friends started pitting for Suicidal Tendencies on the speakers.  Then the place was OFF! They really cracked it up to 11. The whole place went nuts and I fell like twice. People were jumping and shoving. I felt like a lucky youngster in the Decline Of Western Civilization. I wish I could describe more to you but its really something you have to be there to see. I hated Circle Jerks live when I saw them back in May cause Keith wasn't into it and he talked like half the time. I knew OFF! would be different since its brand spankin' new and Keith hasn't played these songs over 1000 times. I strongly suggest you see them live if you have the chance. Listen to the First Four Ep's out now already. After I told Keith how much I enjoyed the show and took a picture with him like I've been wanting since I was 14. He had talked on stage not to bother him since he was sick and stuff but oh well. When I kindly asked he said "GO FOR IT! He's one of the grumpy but really nice guys.
                              Set List:
                                    Black Thoughts
                                    Now I'm Pissed
                                    I Don't Belong
                                     Full Of Shit
                                   Poison City
                                     Killing Away
                                    Jeffrey Lee Pierce
                                    Rat Trap
                                    Fuck People
                                    Panic Attack
                                    Upside Down

  While at the other venue I noticed OFF! wasn't headlining which was lame. The Oh Sees were. Keith was a fan of them but I wasn't. Another kindly indie act you hear on car commercials now and days. Not my cup of tea.

  This will be my last major show of the year and im glad it went out with a bang. A crazy adventure turned to an amazing show.

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