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Monday, December 13, 2010

Evile/Gama Bomb-Reaction,Anaheim,CA 12/12/10

     So like most teenagers,I have a crappy house life. WORST day to gamble away my child support mom! Luckily I have really good friends who buy me tickets just for being the dude I am. The three main bands played on Monday opening for legendary Forbidden. But since im always broke I decided to go to this one for Gama Bomb. Plus the Whiskey has lame rules.Now the Chain Reaction is a very small venue in the Disneyland city of Anaheim. Ive been there once for Ceremony and its the great place to go if you love stage diving and getting on stage to sing a long. If you ever plan a vacation to Disneyland,make sure you go to a show here.

   Me and my buddy's got there,bought tickets off an opening bands mother,and talked to a member of Exmortus who didn't play but showed support. If you don't know who they are listen to them ASAP!

   Two local bands played and I went end toward the end of Madrost. I wanted to see some of them since they were nice enough to give me a free demo at a Toxic Holocaust show. Pretty decent Death/Thrash Metal.

  Up next were Southern Californians new hit Bonded By Blood. This was my 4th time seeing these guys. Im a huge fan,but this was their first show with new singer Mauro from local band,Mutants Of War. For a while ive been kinda upset since original vocalist,Alladin,left and his voice was really unique to the band. Mauro proved me wrong and they still kick ass. Funny part was original singer Alladin was actually there supporting his old band mates. Now thats a band. New singer Mauro talked to me for a bit and was a really nice guy.If you havnt heard their two albums already I suggest you do now. One of my all time favorite thrash bands.

  Up next was the main reason I went. Who ever made this flyer is a total dumbass for not putting their name on it. GAMA BOMB from Ireland. Right away I left to the front. BOOM! They started and I went nuts! This band gets down and they mean business. Ever since theyre new (and free) album,Tales From the Grave In Space,ive been wanting to see them. Months later they finally came. Think Overkill mixed with Comic Books,Sci-Fi,and Kurt Russel. I kept yelling for my favorite song. Soon people around me were chanting for it too. They said they wernt gonna do it but since it was a request they did it. The song ive been waiting for since February;"WE RESPECT YOU". The song is about all the things they love from the Terminator soundtrack to Christopher Walken. My plan for months actually succeeded. I got on stage and sang the part I wanted to sing;"Peter Falk can walk the walk he tells it like it is!" then I jumped off. I went nuts 'til they sang another favorite of mine: "Three Witches". I was too tired to try to get on stage again. So I went near singer, Philly,and asked for the microphones during the part,"Now you've got no balls....Eyeballs that is!".Then he let me do the high pitch scream which I failed but it was still nice of him.They were the highlight of that show,and im so glad I caught them live.

  Evile from England headlined the show that night. Im not such a fan of them but my buddy was so he was all into it. They were great live band and the pit went crazy. I enjoyed them from the side. It's good to see the band is still going strong since the recent death of bass player,Mike Alexander(RIP). Check out Enter the Grave if you love Slayer style sing about Rambo. Great band.

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