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Monday, October 17, 2011

Yes,im still blogging

Im very sorry to my readers(if I have any) about not posting reviews. I actually have been reviewing them since I stopped here. I joined forces in the Bigfoot Diaries(the guys who got me to do blogs). It will still be the same ol stuff just on a diffrent site with diffrent people doing diffrent stuff. Go back on the pages to read my reviews since I stopped here.Thaks again :).

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lack Of Interest-The Blvd,Boyal Heights CA- 6/35/11

Now if you have been reading my last blogs,I've told you not only 2 reviews already about Lack Of Interest but of their mascot,Grandpa Of Interest. He's the drummers grandfather and he's on their t-shirts and goes to all their shows. He is a very nice old man who I always greet at shows. This dude always wears band shirts of Grind/Death/Powerviolence bands. Today they were throwing a show for his 84th Birthday. To everyone he is the grandfather of all the Grind/Powerviolence/HxC scene so of coarse I went to celebrate our Grind-pa. You guys know how I think its lame to go to shows,miss all the unknown bands and just go for the main ones. I sadly did this today because Mexico beat USA in football(soccer like you monkeys call it) and since the show is in East La area...there was a bunch of cops closing streets and Mexicans goings nuts with their flags. Mexican fans being happy is cool. Cops shutting off main streets is not. So I missed the 3 opening bands and one of them(Fetus Eaters) I really love.

I made it in time for Retox. I told you guys in February how much I love the lead singer,Justin Pearson(JP) because he's in 20 bands and they ALL kick ass. The Locust being his main bad ass band. Tho he's an anti-musical genius,he's real cocky. Last time I tried to talk to him(well kinda) but I didn't really wanna bother this time. Another thing about last time,they had barley started playing(4th show maybe) so they didn't have much songs. This time they still brought their insane live tactics and more songs. The crowd was full of hipsters and everyone was into them. JP was screaming off the tiny stage and kids were just dancing along. They did a great set again. After I told I told JP good job and he just said Thanks and walked away. First Album "Ugly Animals" is coming soon. Ill for sure check it out. Don't get me wrong guys,Retox fucking rules.
 Lack was hitting the stage. This being my 4th time seeing these guys was excited for them. They're nobody will ever get tired of seeing. But while they were setting up,2 girls(singers of Eat The Living and Bastard Noise) passed out cupcakes,kazoos,and party hats. All which had Grandpa's face on it. We sang happy birthday and he seemed really happy.Throughout the whole day I was telling him Happy Birthday and how much he ruled. All the hipsters left after Retox(LAME!) so for the time I was able to get upfront with Lack Of Interest. As always they start with Never Back Down. Everyone sang,jumped and moshed around. Lack Of Interest is a legendary Powerviolence band but refuses to headline. After the fast and great set I took a pic with Grandpa Of Interest. We were both happy in the picture.

 Up next was Bastard Noise. I only stayed for 2 songs,but The drummer passed out Pillsbury Hardcore stickers! Right now as I'm typing this I left a comment on facebook asking the Singer of Bastard Noise if there will be a Reunion. Sadly not(and he thought they sucked). Bastard Noise started and for 2 songs,they were badass. Check em out and also check out the singers past legendary bands,Man Is The Bastard and Pillsbury Hardcore. I really enjoyed this time tho I left early.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Media Blitz-Pepz Pizza, La Habra CA 6/10/11

Now this show was fun! Hardcore, free shit, pizza,what else could I ask for?!? Me and my girlfriend got their kinda early so we walked around the area. I found a badass thrift shop. I bought a Graf Orlock shirt with a Wookie on it for $2. Grindcore + Star Wars = Badasss.  After that we went to Big Lots and stole KISS buttons. We get to the show and theres those hardcore kids with their drug free patches waiting as well. They finally let all us kids in and everyone orders a pizza. The pizza was ok for being cheap but I had the runs after. But I still respect this place for throwing hxc shows for free. As they set up the little stage I was on my 4th soda refill.

 First band was called The Shrills. They looked like Morrissey fans and the guitar player had a skull mask on. They played fast weird music. Not hardcore. Imagine The Cramps in full blast. I give this band major credit for being unique. The kids loved 'em and so did I. My girlfriend was surprised I liked 'em,but they were good.

Up next was a band called A Dying Breed. All the members of this band were in the pit for The Shrills, so when these guys played The Shrills were moshing for them. Kids were dancing for them and they did a great Adolescents cover. Great to see kids play real hardcore punk rock. These guys will go places.

After them I had to take the biggest shit ever. Holy crap was there a line. The guy in front of me had explosive diarrhea he got from the pizza (like me!). While he was on the crapper we talked how that pizza made us fart like crazy. The 3rd band was setting up and I was pissed 'cause I thought I was gonna miss the whole damn set. After I finished I noticed that the guy who was farting 5 seconds ago on the toilet next to me was the singer for this great band, Concussion. These guys ruled and the singer was white, bald, pissed, full of rage! Holy sheeeet he reminded me of the '80s punk scene! People went crazy for 'em and they were so good. After the whole show he and I talked again about the pizza. Nice guy, great band. I'll be seeing them again on Saturday.

This was a record release party for Media Blitz. This band has been going strong since '05 and they ain't stopping. They started playing and kids were moshing harder and other kids were even jumping off arcade (video game) machines. The singer was interacting with everyone and screaming tough. The guitar player was super nice and was talking to me when I was shitting. They ended with a Beastie Boys cover of "You Gotta Fight for your Right to Party" and the whole crowd jumped on him and he crawled out that huge mess like an old cartoon. They fuckin' ruled. I will be seeing Media Blitz and Concussion this Saturday with bad ass hardcore legends DOA, JFA, Ill Repute,etc.

Check out these 4 bands now.

Agent Steel-House Of Blues,Hollywood CA 6/7/11

Ugh! Let me try this again... Im really getting sick of Thrash/Metal shows so this might be the last one for a while. I mainly went to this because it was free. As is my style, I arrived super late. Currently, I have no Internet so I apologize for the lag.

Evildead played this for free two months ago,and because its the same guitar player...He allowed his legendary speed metal band Agent Steel to play. They hardly ever perform, so it was cool that they were playing, let alone for free.

The first band I saw was an East LA death metal band called Dia De Los Meutros. Imagine Brujeria in Spanish form. The crowd seemed to be into 'em and so was I. People really dug 'em and the chick singing was great. They just released their new album for free download. I suggest you check it out.

Next up was speed metal legend Agent Steel. They recently got a new singer and he did a great job. They played all their classics but the the bouncers were being dicks. Kids were flying every where and security was pushing them off, making shit worse. The band however played most of their greats and they were REALLY into it. I'd recommend 'em to you metal heads with their first album, Skeptics Apocalypse. Sorry cant tell you much more,except they were cool.

Agent Steel

Monday, June 13, 2011

RIP Seth Putnam. May 15, 1968 – June 11, 2011

Seth Putnam was a sick fuck, freak, loser, and my idol.

Everyone who knows me personally knew that his band AxCx was one of my all time favorites. In fact they were the band that made me love the genre of Grindcore. C'mon lets face it. Grindcore is the WORST genre ever, and he made it even worse! That's how badass the man was. Who would ever have thought his music (ha!) career would have gone this long?! His band's name is super offensive, you make 10 second noise, all you sing about is rape, child abuse, drugs,and homosexuals. The band made 11 albums from 1988-2011. Seth even did some back screams on Panetera's album "The Great Southern Trendkill".

I listened to some of AxCx songs so I decided to buy one of the Cd's, "It just gets Worse." Right away I was blown away. The songs were short as fuck and the song and lyrics were offensive to the max. Songs like "Freddy Mercury got AIDS from Eazy E" and "Pepe The Gay Waiter" made me love this band. The two things I fuckin' loved started to merge together. Shock Rock offensive lyrics like those of GG Allin and The Mentors with fast noise like The Locust and Napalm Death (only bands I knew at the time.) I was hooked on this band and told people how much they kicked ass. No one seemed to like them.

I continued to look for their music and find out more about the ingenious that is Seth Putnam. After never finding another Cd (only 1) and no merch whatever, I just stole their music and loved it. The way Seth would want it.

Fast forward almost 2 years. I found out that they were gonna tour. They hadn't been in LA in 3 years and I was super excited. When I found out that they were gonna be in my local Grind bar I felt like a kid in a candy store. When I woke up that morning I was just thinkin' "Holy shit im gonna see Seth and AxCx!". I knew it was a risky thing though... Either Seth would be nice to me or just kick my ass right there. He's vicious like that. When he walked into the bar I was so excited. I felt like I was meeting Mickey Mouse when I was 4. We made eye contact 'cause he saw my Siege shirt (a band he was in for a bit). I asked him for a picture and tho he was so messed up on drugs....he picked himself up to take a pic with me. He had to sit down the whole show. I fuckin loved every second of it. I left with a T-Shirt and a big smile. I couldn't wait for him to come back. Sadly I will never get that chance now. Some Grind bands were happy that Seth had died. Those assholes were being homos in their daddy's sack while Seth was on stage hitting girls. They don't wanna admit they inspired them. This man survived a coma,I never thought he would leave so soon. I'm so glad I met him and saw AxCx live. He was my hero,he is my hero. Seth Putnam RIP you asshole of a legend.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chumly Porter(D.R.I.) RIP

Chumly played bass in the Full Speed A Head album. He was with the band for 2 years and evenn longer than that being a roadie. He will be missed. Once a Dirty Rotten Imbecile,always a Dirty Rotten Imbecile.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rammstein-Jimmy Kimmel Live,Hollywood CA-5/20/11

 Rammstein for those who do not know,are of of the biggest bands in the world. They're probably the biggest metal band in Germany, Yep as big as Metallica is here. So these gentlemen haven't been here in 8 years to the USA and quite frankly I was really saddened by not having enough mula to seem em. Thank Satan for Jimmy Kimmel. Thanks to his Late night TV show Ive seen Slayer,Ozzy.and Primus preform 5 songs for free. I dont know about you guys but 5 free songs sure beat $100 for 25 songs. Any who I got a text last week Rammstein was gonna play so of coarse I made my brother in law pass me his laptop right then n there.
We get there early. Like the past Jimmy shows ive been to,they check,let you in and let you watch the show. This time they lagged it sick. I climbed the fence to see what the fuss was about. They were too busy setting up the pyro. Yes. It was insane! After almost 3 hours of making fun of tourist in buses takin pictures of us we finally got in.Right away they started with Du Hast and the singer got a bow n arrow thing that shot fire works and thirled it around. There was a lot of fire and people were pushing and screaming the lyrics with them since we've all been waiting years to do this. Then they played Feuer Frei! which had a lot of fireworks. They played an extra 3 songs which was badass. I so hope I get to see these guy in a full show next year. They are most likely throw the best show performance in rock n roll.
Du Hast
Feuer Frei
Keine Lust
Ich Will